5 things you should ‘NEVER’ do at Beauty Pageants.

When I was in final year of my engineering, I came across an article in newspaper ‘Things you shouldn’t do at an Interview’. Since I was preparing for campus placement, I was very serious about those things mentioned in that article and that helped me a lot while getting my job in First interview itself. Today when I looked back into those memories, I feel that had I not read that article, things might not have been same. The very next moment I saw a picture of Rolene Strauss. This turned on the devilish side of me and then I thought, “Why not an article on ‘Don’ts of pageants’?”. Hence, here you are..!!! I am sure, if you are a pageant fan, you all will relate to these points through some beauty queen’s behaviour.

1) Too much of Make Up:

Make Up

Ok, we all know make up is the essence of beauty pageants, otherwise it would be difficult to call it beauty pageants <If you know What I mean>. But too much of make up will do no good to you and probably will end up making you look like a milk washed duck.

2) Too much Chatting on Phone:


 No body is looking for a tech savvy beauty queen for sure.We understand this is the longest time you have been away from your family till now, but you should also know that there are spies all the pageant organisers keep in one or the other way to get behavioural feedback about girls. They would not appreciate much if you are always seen on phone either chatting or talking. Better throw your phone in your hotel room and do all crap once you are back at evening.

3) Too much ‘Diet’ Conscious:


We understand you have to maintain you body in good shape but if you are too much restricting on your diet then be ready to be made fun of. Yes, your fellow contestants will probably make fun of you at the back of your ass and in case you win, they will use this habit of yours as a weapon to bitch about you. And btw, you don’t need to starve yourself to stay Healthy, you can eat all yet be in good shape. Let yourself free and enjoy your meal. Also to note a point, if you starve too much for a period of time, then you will jump on to the food like a wild beast as your body will carve for food.

4) Too many Selfie:


It’s obvious that you wish to take as many photos as you can so as to remember these memories for life time, but…. remember, too many selfie means too much self obsessed that you don’t have time to give importance to others. Well, this is not something an organization would be looking for. Moreover, worst case I have personally seen is a beauty queen will try to take a group pics with uglies so as to make herself stand out. Your trick is no new girl, we know that since years.. 😛

5) Trolling around the organisers:


You have any idea what will your fellow contestants say on your win if you keep trolling organisers? Something like this, “She slept with the fat owner”. Rumours or truth, this will be the new talk of the town. Being good to organizers and greeting them occasionally is good but being too good is like you are desperate to get their attention.