Unpredictability of Predictable Miss World.

Ivain Sarcos

Miss World is one of the most watched pageants across the globe, apart from Miss Universe. The forecast, betting, prediction and hotpicks of front runners are at peak during the pageant. Miss World is one such pageant where you can make general prediction, which is not always true for other pageants, like the winner of Miss World will come from the finalists of Beach beauty or say there shall be one Black contestants in Top 5 but at the same time it has also proved that it’s very difficult to predict its predictability, you never know what may happen in finale. In 2014, Miss World broke many of their own trends which people expected to carry forward and continue. This made many predictions go wrong and also made the finale ‘Unpredictable’ from many aspects. Here are few of our points:

Black Candidate

Predictability -1: Minimum One Black Beauty in Top 5: Generally Miss World always includes one black delegate in Top 5, which was found missing this year. In 2013 they had Ghana, in 2012 they had South Sudan and Jamaica, in 2011 they had South Africa, in 2010 they had Botswana, in 2009 they had South Africa/France, in 2008 they had Angola but 2014 was a miss. Many expected that Miss Kenya may place in top 5 since she was the only black candidate in top 10. Many called Miss Universe and Miss International racist due to the fact that they ignore Black candidates many time but Miss World saved their reputation by placing a black delegate in top 5 till now, which is broken though.


Predictability-2: The country of reigning Miss World never places in Finale: Well, the last time previous year’s winning country placed in finale was in 2002 when Miss Nigeria made the first cut. But there onwards, no other winning country was successful to place in final the very next year. However,  this year Philippines broke that pattern when Valerie placed made the first cut and placed in top 25. This didn’t happen in 2010, 2011, 2012 which had 25 or more contestants in first cut.

Score Board

Predictability-3: The top scorer of Interview round will place high: Since it’s an obvious thing that Miss World prefers personality a lot, it is understood that the girl who stood out in interview will definitely be preferred by Miss World. We saw how the top scorers of interview round placed very high in 2011-2013. But this year, it was a shock to see Miss France to top the interview round and missing the inclusion in top 25. Although, it was not much surprising because she was completely ignored in most of the fast track events. Her top position in interview could not compensate her lack of scores in other rounds.

Score Table

Predictability-4: The topper of Leaderboard will make the final cut: The another shock came when Miss India, who topped the Leaderboard and was ahead of the eventual winner by 7 points, completely missed the cut in Top 5. Many people claimed that it was because of her poor communication skills that costed her the crown. It is to be noted that all  previous top scorers of leaderboard were minimum in top 10 of interview round segment of the Miss World scoring segment but Miss India 2014 was not even in Top 20.

Predictability-5: Either Beach Beauty or Top Model winner will be in Final cut: One of the winners from Beach Beauty or Top Model is expected to place in Final cut (Top 5/7). And this has actually happened almost every year with majority of the times, Top model winner making the final cut. But this year marked a difference in the pattern, both the winners missed the Top 10 cut itself, let alone  the Top 5 cut. This makes it very interesting that the top 5 set had only one Fast track winner this year and that was Miss USA. Infact, this is the first ever where the winner of Top Model entirely missed the cut in Top 25 itself.BWAP

Predictability-6: No Miss World Winner Places in Beauty with a Purpose Fast Track: No Miss World winner was ever able to make the list of finalists in Beauty with A Purpose round, which is the heart of Miss World organisation. This lead to many people bashing the organisation that the winners are not even doing any notable cause yet they win over those who does it. However, Rolene, Miss World 2014, made it to the Top 10 of Beauty with a Purpose list which is first time ever since it’s inception.

Koyal Rana

Predictability-7: There will be one Asian in Top 5/7: This is true since 2010 I guess, but this year marked a year where no Asian made it to the final cut of Top 5. Infact Miss India was expected to make it, but she couldn’t. However, she won Continental queen of Asia award.

Do you notice anything interesting this year that broke the trend at Miss World and we forgot to include it on our list? Do comment below and let us know.