Femina Miss India 2015: 2 Minutes of Silence

Winners of Femina Miss India 2015. Pic Courtesy: Femina Miss India FB Page
Winners of Femina Miss India 2015. Pic Courtesy: Femina Miss India FB Page

I can’t just get over the fact that I wasted almost 2 most important hours of my life yesterday, when I watched a show called ‘Femina Miss India 2015’, well that’s what they called it. When Aditi Arya was declared the winner over the girls like Vartika Singh and Deeksha Kaushal, people claimed that Aditi is full of personality and won fair and square over Deeksha or Vartika, I was quite excited to see the show because it’s very rare now a day that you see girls full of personality and pretty face winning the main title. But to my dismay, it was all a below average show compared to what I heard. I fould all 5 girls equally bad or equally good. I so wished Deeksha had won the main title, she would have been an awesome successor to Rolene Strauss, Miss World 2014.

However, today the reason I am writing this post is not because I am not convinced with the results of the finale, but the way pageant was conducted/aired really made me lose the interest. As I already mentioned, I lost those 2 important hours of my life where I could have rather slept peacefully or say would have taken a long bath or even would have watched a Ram Gopal Verma’s Sholay or Sajid’s Hamshakals, that still would have been more productive IMO. But I rather chose to find a reason to commit suicide by going through the torture of watching ‘Bollywood Comedy Nights’, alternatively known as Femina Miss India. I feel so sad to say that Pageants in India, which was a threat for any country  for winning the crown in past, has now gone deep down the hill to find it’s own grave. I hereby would like to present the following points which shows how Femina Miss India no more feels like a Beauty Pageant to me.

1) No focus on girls:  If I assume that the show ran for almost 90-120 minutes, I bet girls got hardly more than 30 minutes of limelight. Instead all the bollywood tamasha’s and cheap acts were the main highlights of the show. Don’t you think it was done over the top? I agree that Indian Public is more inclined towards humour and bollywood rather than watching a pageant but doing it at the cost of contestants air time is no justice to them.

Pic Courtesy: FB page of Femina Miss India.

2) Cheap Comedy Acts: I banged my head against the wall when I saw Dadi and Palak making John Abraham wear saare on the stage. Like seriously? How cheap one could get? I would prefer Kapil’s sense of humour than Dadi and Palak doing all this. Moreover, Dadi forcefully kissing John looked so irritating. Just imagine you watching this show with your family? Do  you think any decent family would see such acts together? It was a disgrace.

Manish Paul

3) Vulgarity of Host: Manish Paul seems to have signed hosting contract with Femina till infinity. He is one of the major reasons why I hated the show. His flirting with contestants like “Hawas ka Bhukha Bhediya”, cheap (I find it bit vulgar) talks with contestants, touching them in questions answer round is really not respectful, especially when you are selecting a girl for a contest as big as Miss World which defines class and respect.

Opinion of a Pageant Fan
Opinion of a Pageant Fan

4) Too much Emphasis on Celebrities/Bollywood: I remember last year when Shahid was performing a dance and moving his pelvic area with too much of force while dancing. It looked too vulgar that I had to change the channel. Half of the time you either see a bollywood celebrity doing cheap comedy acts, or doing dances or promoting their films. Everytime one dance gets over, I was like ‘now I shall see the contestants performing’ but oh well, here you see another dance. The feeling of too many Bollywood dance in a Miss India pageant is like you buy a ticket to the finale of cricket world cup and rather get to see ‘Garba and Dandiya Ras’ on the field. As I mentioned already, it’s good that they are adding entertainment value to the show but overdoing the stuff is of no good. On the contrary, Miss Diva pageant, which is being managed by the same management for selecting a girl for Miss Universe Pageant is done hardly with any bollywood act. I find it way more classier than Femina show which carries a legacy of more than 50 years.

Opinion 3

5) Selection of Top 10 and Top 5 finalists: It was so painful to see Top 10 question answer round being cut off from the air time to allow girls’ dancing on singers meaningless song and translating dialogues of hindi films into english to make people laugh. What’s the point of telecasting a pageant when you can’t even show audience how your girls got eliminated or how well they answered? I also don’t know how they cut down the girls to Top 10? I am sure it’s not happening in finale because you judges hardly see girls walking randomly in different wardrobe before the top 10 are declared. It would be more credible if they could show the scores of the girls like in past they used to do. You don’t even get an idea why some girl placed over other if the Top 10 question answer is chopped off from the telecast.

6) No proper credits to outgoing queens: Won’t it look good if they had acknowledge the achievements of their outgoing queens at their pageants? Like, they could have highlighted the fact that Koyal won Beauty with a Purpose and was 1st in score table, Jhataleka won Miss Internet and Gail won Best in National costume at their respective pageants? All the hardwork and efforts of girls and their team went waste when they were not acknowledge for the give facts. In fact highlighting these facts would have attracted more girls to participate in Miss India because they would have been praised for the good work they did at their pageants.


7) 5 TV Actors romancing with Top 5 contestants: As if the host was not enough, they called 5 actors to accompany each girl in the top 5 and they were then asked to dance/romance etc with the girls. Nothing wrong in that, bt this stage was not appropriate to do that where girls are not much familiar with those guys at first place. Imagine girl’s family members, friends, boyfriend sitting in the audience watching this torture? I really don’t appreciate such acts when the contest is about beauty pageant. It’s like objectifying a woman rather than empowering them.

I wish to see the era of 90s coming back, where pageant was telecasted as pageant. Do you think that can be brought back?

Disclaimer: This blog is no way associated with any pageant. All the views and reviews are unbiased opinions of the admins.