The Bb. Pilipinas 2015 pageant has won the respect of the pageant fans world over. In the recent years, the pageant has achieved new standards.  The set of contestants is becoming better every year.  The pre-pageant activities are fun to follow.  The production value of the finale is very high.  The stage and direction of the finale is world-class.  It is a very entertaining show to watch.  And of course, the winners become international celebrities overnight!  Along with Miss USA, Miss Venezuela, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss France and Miss India, Bb. Pilipinas has emerged to be one of the top national pageants in the world.  In fact, it is arguably the best national pageant for many around the globe.

The time has come for the finale this year.  Unlike some of the recent years, there is no clear pattern in predictions from the pageant gurus worldwide.  The finals will be on 15th March in Manila and the world will finally know who has won the long event which has caught the eye of international media in the past few weeks.  After following the pageant rigirously, our expert Shobin Krishna  has listed down the favorites as follows.



MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES – JANICEL LUBINA:  Janicel has established herself as a strong favorite in the contest with her refreshing beauty, humble intelligence, undeniable grace and absolutely fit body.  She has been a farmer in past and we believe she will surely reap the sweet fruits of her courageous ambitions and sincere efforts.

BB. PILIPINAS INTERNATIONAL – PIA WURZTBACH: Pia has participated in the pageant before.  Bb. Pilipinas is known to appreciate girls who try again and Pia can be the “lucky one” this year.  She is highly polished and seems to be a lady with strong substance.

BB. PILIPINAS INTERCONTINENTAL – KYLIE VERZOSA: Marie Ann Umali, is that you?  Or is it Mutya Datul?  Kylie has the barbie face.  Clearly the best countenance in the batch, this girl has the beauty that could have created storms in the era when the “doll-look” was in, i.e. 90s.

BB. PILIPINAS SUPRANATIONAL – NANCY LEE LEONARD: She is fierce.  She is classy.  And she is very photogenic!  The camera loves her and vice versa.  Expect her to grab the Photogenic award.  If only her speaking skills were good!

BB. PILIPINAS TOURISM – HANNAH RUTH SISON: She finished as the 2nd runner-up last year and this is her third try at the pageant!  Great body, great face, bubbly personality – we really want to see her winning a crown this year.

1st RUNNER-UP – PRINCESS JOY CAMU: Princess is royal and regal as her name suggests.  She reminds us of the reigning Miss Universal Peace & Humanity Ruhi Singh of India.  She is  amazing when judged individually, but she needs to learn how to stand out in a group.

2nd RUNNER-UP – KIMVERLYN SUIZA: Her beautiful oriental looks and the va-va-voom body make her a strong contender.  She needs a good stylist  though.


8 – TERESITA SSEN MARQUEZ: Wynwyn is one of the popular delegates, being the niece of former Miss International Melanie Marquez.  She is a performer and is perhaps the sureshot winner o f the Talent award.

9 – ROGELIE CATACUTAN: In terms of international appeal, this girl is strong.  The global fans will accept her lovingly.

10 – PATRICIA LAE EJERCITADO: Letlet is trying for the third time and she is one of the girls who can be a big hit or a big miss.  Either she may win it all, or she may fizzle out as a total clapper.  Her body is to die for.

11 – MAE LIEZEL RAMOS: Liezel is often compared with Gabriela Isler, which in itself is a huge compliment for any delegate.  This girl has good experience in her kitty and like Patricia, can be someone who comes forward and slashes down her competitors for the main crown in the finals.

12 – CHRISTI LYNN MCGARRY: Honestly this is one girl we are kind of confused about.  She is tall and looks exotic.  Everyone loves her and she is a huge favorite.  We are keen to see how she actually performs in finals.

13 – INA DOMINICA GUERRERO: Ina is a pageant veteran and won lot of love in the national costume competition.  She is considered a favorite of the organization by many, so let’s see how it goes for her.

14 – JUSTINE BEATRICE FELIZARTA: She is one of the girls who don’t stand out in a single way but are always consistent and “jack of all” types.

15 – NAMRATA NEESHA: We expect Namrata to make the first cut with her looks and body.  Girls of Indian origin have done well recently at Bb. Pilipinas & even Miss Universe.  Namrata can perhaps continue the trend!

We will soon know the actual results.  In the meanwhile, please share with us your comments and let us know your favorites!  Hoping for a fun coronation night & a fabulous winner for the pageant-crazy Philippines!

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