Interview Round: Pageant Question 10

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Here we are to reveal the results of 10th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question.  The question this time was bit controversial which made headlines sometimes back.  Let’s see who made it to the Top 5 list.


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Pageant Question: Q10

“Do you think swimsuit should be a part of Pageants as one of the judgement criteria?”

Winner: Simeon Singsit

Answer:  I don’t think swimsuit in anyway demean women’s dignity, but having said that, the beauty queen represent one who is kind, compassion, understanding and embrace the women of the world. Our world is a diverse one with different beliefs, the world is becoming global with ideas and cultural exchanges. Beauty as a definition has also evolved. Beauty pageants are a celebration of being a Women of the world and if it wants to be inclusive it got to have women from all countries who try to represent their culture and their women in the best positive ways. It wouldn’t hurt to eliminate swimsuit round. It will not just show beauty pageants as a Global event of the west but also as the East-West Global integration of Women

Comments by Admin:  

What Simeon’s answer focused upon was that a pageant is a global event, so it would make more sense when more countries could participate in such events. However, since many countries don’t promote woman wearing swimsuit so openly, it would be better to remove this round and allow such countries to compete strongly. This answer does make a lot of sense, especially who likes to appreciate in promoting the developing countries.

1st Runner Up: Melvyn Dominic

Answer: It is not at all mandatory. It depends on the organisation of the beauty pageant and it’s sponsors, and the professional opportunities that can be provided to the winners.

Comments by Admin:  We actually wanted to keep this answer as a winner, but the content arrangement part was little weak. But the answer is a masterpiece in the world of reality, we have to face it that Swimsuit happens because they have such sponsors bidding for them. If they remove Swimsuit round, they may lose the potential business in future. Hence, it’s not just about judging a character or say body, it’s all about business and how a girl may be promoted post her win by the sponsors.

Other entries from Facebook Group
Other entries from Facebook Group

2nd Runner-up: Iftekar Alam

Answer:  After this question, the first thing came to my mind is ‘Does it really a that serious matter?’. The Swimsuit Competition means “The grace of bearing”. Mainly in pageants swimsuit competition plays a big role, it is just to judge a man or woman’s physical attributes and their level of confidence. There is nothing on this which demean someone. A piece of cloth can never judge someone’s character,and if I work out I would love to show my body.

Comments by Admin: Again a realistic answer. The answer deals with that fact that we have unnecessarily given too much of importance on the fact of Swimsuit being demeaning to a woman. If it doesn’t demean the girls who are participating in Swimmming Contest across the globe, how can it be demeaning to woman?. This is what Iftekar’s answer also focused upon.

Completing the Top 5:

Shruti Nair:

I believe a woman’s true beauty doesn’t only lie in her character but also in the way she portrays her overall personality to the world. While a woman might look sexy & suave in a swimsuit revealing her assets & the best of her physical attributes, she can look equally dazzling & mesmerizing in the attire she chooses to shine in, to leave an impact in the eye of any beholder. Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder but in perspective of my sights, a swimsuit round could be one of the judgement criteria but she could get jaws dropping in plethoras of other ways of elegance & a glint of chutzpah too, through her attires.

Vagisha Mishra:

Swimsuit Round though considered as a decisive factor for winning the pageant, is definitely a sham way of judging a woman. A woman who works for the benefit of society, voices out her opinions in unleashed manner or simply devotes herself to her family is equally beautiful no matter how her body is. A woman who listens to her heart and believes in performing actions rather than focussing too much on the shape of her body is beautiful in actual sense. If you have to judge a woman in pageant judge her by her actions, her intellect and wit, which will definitely contribute more to society.

Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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