Interview Round: Pageant Question 7

Hello fellas,

Here we are to reveal the results of 7th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question.  The question this time was hypothetical but the imagination put by participants was awesome. There has been one positive modification from this round onward, listening to our group members’ suggestion, we shall now declare the Top 5 placers. However, the admin comments shall be confined to Top 3 only. Without much delay, here we present you the top 5 for this round.


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Pageant Question: Q7

“If you could trade off one of your Unique qualities for some earnings, what would that be and why?”

Winner: Kartik Behl

Answer:  I may sound cliché but I simply adore my self. If at all I become downtrodden and I have to make my both ends meet, I would definitely trade my love for humanity. You know love is not a 4 letter world. A mother, no matter how poor she is or subjugated to hell, would definitely get a morsel for the kid because her love will never let her sleep without feeding her child. Love is as deep as ocean. It never changes form. It can only travel from one heart to another heart and touch life of millions. Love like there is no tomorrow.

Comments by Admin:  

What we loved about Kartik’s answer is that it has covered the feel of not trading his qualities yet if situation demands, he will go for trading off his kindness( love for humanity). His example of Mother feeding a child in any situation holds a strong emotional values and definitely will receive huge applause from audience if delivered on stage of pageant.

1st Runner Up: Vagisha Mishra

Answer:  I believe that I am quite well in observing the world around and penning it down through my poems or articles. If given a chance to trade one of my unique qualities, I would choose my words, for words are those enduring jewels which will last even after I die. So after I am gone, when anybody will read my words I’ll get a new life in different spectrum. I’ll be alive through my deeds, my ideas and my vision and will continue to mirror the light of change and evoke positivity even when I won’t speak. This will accomplish my earning to be eternal. And the earning I would like to have through this trade will be none other than love and constructive action.

Comments by Admin: 

Indeed Vagisha is a pro in using words. Vagisha’s imagination of her quality being used even in future is what impressed us the most. Vagisha’s answer reflects on how her personality is keen on making a mark forever and not for temporary basis. This answer will show a will power and firm like rock determination of a contestant when delivered on pageant stage.

Other Entries for the Question on Facebook Group
Other Entries for the Question on Facebook Group

2nd Runner-up: Yash Raj

Answer: Photographs are the those joyful things that one saves to keep their memories intact. As they say, ‘People change but photographs don’t’. So I would help others to relive those glorious moments they have had clicking pics. So that’s the one quality of mine I would like to trade..

Comments by Admin:  Yash Raj’s answer didn’t have great philisophy behind it. However, the originality he has put into the answer definitely grabbed our attentions. Whenever a person co-relates his own life’s experience or profession to articulate an answer, the combination comes out to be very original. Also, yash’s answer was short yet made sense. Photography is definitely an art that will earn you good earning.. 😉

Completing the Top 5:

Saloni Sharma:

Hello everyone.!!! Qualities, traits or attributes are what distinguish us from others; they define us, our character, our personality. Given an option to trade off a quality of mine for even the biggest treasure in existence, i would choose to make a living by serving the society with my qualities than bartering a part of myself for something that is easily perishable. Thank you

Aman Singh: 

Teaching has always been a noble profession and being a language student with minors in journalism, I am very apt to handle people. This gives me an opportunity to spread awareness and help someone evolve as a person. So if I were to trade of my unique qualities I would like go for my teaching skills; as a guide, a mentor to whom a child a look up to and have trust on. Thank you


Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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Pageant Question 8:

“Do you think parents should allow children to take their decisions independently once they cross teenage?”


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2) As these answers are supposed to be utilised for pageant stage, try to keep them deliverable in 30 seconds, approximately 75 words should serve that purpose. However, we may consider long answers if they too good. The aspirants shall have option to trim it down while preparation.

3) Try to keep your answers sound on grammar and spelling fronts

4) You may answer the question only once, in case of multiple submissions,, only the 1st answer shall be considered.