Interview Round: Pageant Question 5

Today, we shall be revealing the results of 5th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question. We asked the most common question of pageantry in this round and that actually made it tough for participants to stand out.  We are glad we got some really good entries and bet you, if a contestant manages to speak one of the Top 3 answers and mean it, she can make a very good impression on judges in Miss World finals.  We present you the top 3 for this round.


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Pageant Question: Q5

Why do you want to be the next Miss World?

Winner: Iftekar Alam

Answer: A humanitarian disposition, determination, dignity, being non- judgmental, cooperative, and having good interpersonal skills. I believe a miss world should be someone who have these skills And should be sensitive to people’s problems and in many cases should get emotionally involved to solve critical issues. For instance, volunteering in XYZ and also should have the required positive attitude and the patience to help people with their issues, also should have the ability to handle cases, work independently, and to communicate well with coworkers and patients…And if I am given a chance I would try my best to walk with all these qualities and try to full justice to our motto “THE BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE”… THANK YOU……

Comments by Admin:  This is downright the most original answer that we have heard to this question.  It’s clear that the one who answers this question has actually done some social work or volunteering and knows about the challenges in the same.  Rather than just pretty words, here we have someone who has a clear idea about how social work is done and is talking from experience.

1st Runner Up: Vagisha Mishra

Answer: Miss World not only lets you contribute to your country by making them proud but also moulds you as an integral part of society by understanding the pain of others. It is a candle that lightens up hope, joy and unity. We come across different cultures but deep within we are one, one as a human. No matter wherever you go, you’ll see the deprived ones through different parameters. The light of philanthropy needs to be awake. Through this platform we get a chance to “feel” and make others feel. And a person who doesn’t waters his feeling is no better than a dead man.

Comments by Admin: There were really impressive points made here, and expressed in excellent diction & form.  Appreciating the pageant is wonderful & really works well, especially for such question. Although, it looked as if Vagisha didn’t say,” And thats why I want to be the next Miss World.’, it was implied.

Entries for the contest


2nd Runner-up: Simeon Singsit

Answer: I should be the next Miss World because I would like to carry forward the good work done by our past miss world title holder. I promise to work with utmost sincerity and dedication to fulfill the theme of Beauty with a purpose and work together with my beautiful colleagues here tonight to bring together the different goals we have as a part of beauty with a purpose project into one platform and make this world a better place in whatever way we can do. Besides as an Indian winning Miss World I would like to show the world the culture diversity we have and also show that peace, harmony, love and non violence which is a part of our lives taught to us by Mahatma Gandhi is still relevant in our world not just in my country.. Thank you..

Comments by Admin:  Simeon made some obvoius points in a very polite manner.  We particularly liked the addition about what special would you do since you are Indian.  The point about Mahatma Gandhi was the winning touch.


Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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