Best & Worst of Miss Universe 2014

So finally it is over!  For many, Miss Universe pageant is the most important pageant of the year and it is awaited with excited breath.  This year too, the excitement about the pageant was very high, especially because it got delayed a bit, in fact a lot of BIT.  Also, it is speculated that this year, there will be no other Miss Universe pageant.  Perhaps to make it up for that, this year’s telecast was 3 hours long!  Hence the pace was slightly slowed down and this in most parts was a good thing.  All the 15 semi-finalists had a detailed introduction.  Thankfully there was no public vote this year.  The 15 girls competed in swimsuits and we got the Top 10.  The 10 then competed in evening gowns and we got the Top 5.  Top 5 competed in 2 rounds – judges’ question round and common question round.  Based on answers of the girls and the overall impressions made by them, the winners were chosen.  As we all know, Colombia ended up winning the new crown.

As per our tradition, we here jot down the best & the worst of Miss Universe 2014.  The choices are made not just from finals but from the entire pageant.  Firstly let us explore the BEST of Miss Universe 2014.

Best in swimsuit


Miss Colombia Paulina Vega – Paulina aced the swimsuit round in the finals with her perfect body.  She is tall, has a great figure and her body is toned.  Add to this the affable smile, she was a perfect picture in the show.  We are sure that she would have scored around 9.50 at least in the round.

Best in Evening Gown


Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha – This one was a very tough call between Misses Ukraine & Colombia.  Finally we went with Ukraine after a lot of deliberation.  Diana has a very beautiful face and she carries herself with a lot of style and class.  The way she worked her gown while descending the stairs in finals was commendable.  Her expressions were also very interesting.  She may not be as beautiful as some of her predecessors, but she made up for that with her expressions and attitude.

Best in Interview


Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell – Ok, so there is a huge hue and cry about the placement of Kaci and we can understand why.  In the final round, the girls were asked about the greatest contribution made by their countries to the world.  Netherland spoke about the arts & history of her city, while Ukraine discussed the current challenges that her country is facing.  USA spoke about her country being a helpful nation, while Colombia expressed pride for her country.  The only girl who managed to give an effective, intelligent answer was Kaci.  She spoke how Jamaica has produced champions in the fields of music and running.  She gave example of Bob Marley among others.  Her answer was quite specific, good and well-delivered.  It was easily the best answer of the round.  Although the winners are based on overall impressions in addition to performances in final round, Kaci deserved atleast a first runner-up placement.

If only she was there

Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew

Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew -Pimbongkod is very tall.  Her legs are very attractive.  Her body is overall amazing.  Her walk is attractive.  She comes across very elegant and regal.  Her absence from the Top 15 was a big surprise to us!

Honorable mention is Miss Mexico Josselyn Garciglia.  She had made to the list of favorites of many, after the prelims due to her strong performance.

Surprise of the year

Miss Italy Valentina Bonariva – Valentina was nowhere in any of the popular favorites’ lists for Miss Universe 2014 ever.  She had impressed everyone with her Fadil shot, but her placement was quite unexpected.  However, we feel she performed well in the swimsuit round.

Honorable mention here would be Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen.  She was among our alternates and people were not surprised at her placement.  However, her ride to the Top 15 from Top 5 came as a big surprise to many!

Worst in swimsuit


Miss Venezuela Migbellis Castellanos- Now many people will debate with us that she had spark, energy, personality and all the BLAH things, but one can not deny that she was completely out of shape when it came to Swimsuit body prototype. She had the worst body out there in Top 15 yet we were surprised to see her in Top 10.

Worst in Evening Gownpu_1_2014_missuniversepageanteveninggowncompetition_uni201408148

Miss Philippines MJ Lastimosa- That white gown hurts!!! Yes, it did no justice to stunning MJ but made her look short and fat, which she was not. On the contrary, the designer, Alfredo Barraza, who designed MJ’s gown also designed gown for Paulina but the results were quite visible. We feel MJ had better chances of moving on to the Top 5 with the red gown she used for Evening Gown Protrait at Miss Universe.

 Worst in InterviewUkraine

Miss Ukraine  Diana Harkusha- She hardly answered the question to the point. She was asked what is the greatest contribution her country gave to the world, she answered for the challenges her country faces and how they try to overcome that.We feel she was not clear with the question.

If Only She was NOT therepu_1_2014_missuniversepageanteveninggowncompetition_uni201408161

Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos- Not because we hate her or we have some grudge against her, she is sweet. But her presence in Top 15 is definitely questionable and also makes us feel that no matter whatever Venezuela sends to Miss Universe, they will most probably place. It would have been nice to see Lithuania, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guyana or even South Africa placing over her as they all were better in overall aspects.

Shock of the YearJamaica

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell- As mentioned earlier, she at least deserved 1st runner up if not the main crown. Her 4th runner up placement makes us feel that gone are the day when smart brains were valued. Even the public present at finale venue gave a huge boo to the judges’ decision.