Miss Universe 2014 – Final Hot-picks !!

The preliminary competition took place on 21st January 2015 in Miami.  The stage was wonderful and we got the chance to see the girls individually in their  Swimsuits and Evening Gowns.  Many of the girls were really beautiful and fit.  The show also gives us a chance to spot out the really confident girls from the lot by observing their walks on the stage.  The energy of a girl on the stage speaks a lot about her comfort levels in front of masses.  As new Miss Universe, the winner will have to be constantly appearing in events and functions; the eyes of the world will be on her.  It is important that she feels very confident while walking and presenting herself on stage.  This quality was judged during these rounds.

Our Final Hotpicks have been made after observations of the girls from Day 1.  Our experts, who also judged girls during Hotpicks 2, have seen all the Video-interviews in addition to the presentation show.  They have been following the pageant since years and have considered all the factors while making the picks.

It’s just about 3 days now – we are really excited about the Miss Universe 2014 finals!  Having followed the show so extensively and covering it in all possible ways on our web-site, our interest levels are very high. We are eager to see how the final results turn out.  We are eager to know who the winner is!  Plus it’s Miss Universe – the final show will have a good format.  It will be fun to watch!

So here are our final Predictions:

Winner Miss Spain Desire Cordero

Desire was outstanding during the presentation show.  In both the rounds, her performance was excellent.  It’s been a really long time since a European beauty won Miss Universe. Last year Miss Spain, Patricia Rodriguez was second to the eventual winner.  Perhaps Desire achieve what Patricia was so close to achieving!

1st Runner-up Miss USA Nia Sanchez

Nia Sanchez received a lot of support from the audience during the presentation show.  Her evening gown performance was very good.  She looked very beautiful in her red shimmering dress.  In swimsuit round, she looked quite in shape.  Her speech-skills are strong – she is energetic, lively and at the same time confident in a calm way.

2nd Runner-up Miss Colombia Paulina Vega

Paulina arguably gave the best evening gown performance of the show.  Her gown, the sweet smile and her stunning overall looks made her a standout.  In the swimsuit round too, she came out very strong.  It is quite obvious that Paulina will be present in the Top 5 during the finals.

3rd Runner-up Miss Mexico Josselyn Garciglia

Josselyn gave one of the most powerful performances of the show.  She was wonderful in both the rounds.  The impact was particularly strong because by far she was never considered to be among the top favorites.  We believe she will jump to the Top 5 of the prediction lists of most people after the prelims.

4th Runner-up Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell

Kaci was stunning during the presentation show.  During the evening gown round, she showed everyone why she is considered a super-model in her country.  Her walk and presence were mind-blowing in the red gown.  Hers was perhaps (arguably) the best swimsuit presentation of the evening.  Her body is PERFECT.  She looked a sight to behold as she walked in the bikini on the stage.  Her communication skills are also very strong.  Don’t be surprised if Kaci actually ends up winning the pageant on 25th!


Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew

Pimbongkod has a stunning body – lean & tall.  Her walk is very good.  Her presence is elegant.  Her chances of making the cut are strong and if that happens, it’s just not possible to keep her out of the Top 10 since the first cut is based on swimsuit round.

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa

MJ is someone who can make it to the Top 5 as well.  Last year Ara made it so far inspite of average prelims performance.  MJ has done far better than Ara.  She looked beautiful during the evening gown round.  We loved her dazzling laughter.  Her body looked great in the swimsuit round.  She seems to be an intelligent girl with a good attitude.  We feel she will do well.

Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer

Like MJ, Valentina can actually surpass our expectations.  Her lean body helped her give one of the best swimsuit presentations of the show.  She was very good in the evening gown round.  People loved her hearty video-interview.  She seems to be an intellectual beauty.

Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos

Karina gave one of the most memorable video-interviews.  Her strong confidence showed on her face.  We saw the same presence during the presentation show too.  Her evening gown performace was amazing.  Even in the swimsuit round, she was good.  She might have faced a bit under-scoring since she followed the magnificent Paulina Vega in both rounds.  In any case, we do see her place in the finals.

Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha

Diana gave a good performance in the presentation show.  Also, there is buzz about strong interest of MUO is crowning this lady.  How much of that is true – time will only tell!


Miss India Noyonita Lodh

Noyonita was not outstanding contrary to expectations, but still overall she was good during the presentation show.  Her communication skills are strong and she is very confident. Hence we feel she would not be missed from the Top 15.

Miss South Africa Ziphozakhe Zokufa

Ziphozakhe was particularly strong in the swimsuit round.  Her personality is also one of the good ones.

Miss Ecuador Alejandra Argudo


She did good in the prelims.  If luck favors the girl, she can actually go much ahead in the finals.

Miss Russia Yulia Alipova

Rumors (unconfirmed) are rampant about how MUO has strong preferences leaning towards Yulia.

Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel

Same points as Miss India – little dissappointing but overall good performance in presentation show plus she has good communication skills.


Miss Australia Tegan Martin – Tegan is considered a good communicator.  Rumors about Donald Trump’s fondness for her are doing rounds since long.

Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira – Elvira surpassed our expectations in the prelims.  Her evening gown was very good.

Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen – Yasmin has a very beautiful smile – one of the best among all delegates.  Her aura is sweet and sexy.

Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova – Patricija is considered the face of the pageant and her beauty helped her give one of the really strong evening gown presentations.

Miss Puerto Rico Gabriela Berrios – Gabriela gave of the really strong swimsuit presentations.  Her body is remarkably good.

The finals will be held on 25th January 2014 at Doral Islands, at 8 PM EST.  We are so looking forward to the same!  What about you?