Miss Universe 2014 – Best 15 Glamshots by Fadil Berisha

While few are not happy with the theme of this year’s glamshots by Fadil Berisha, we don’t have complaints.  The girls are looking beauty.  Fadil has managed to bring out the best in almost all of them.  I really doubt there would be a girl who would not be happy with the picture this guy got for her.  Thus, picking out 15 pictures and then ranking them is definintely challenging task.  We acknowledge now itself that since the pictures are so good, we are not really looking for approvals here.  You can say the attempt is to just pick and rank 15 pictures that really struck our chord personally the most.

1. Miss Gabon Maggaly Nguema


Maggaly looks very womanly and beautiful.  She is easily one of the best black African beauties to have participated in Miss Universe pageant in recent 2 decades.

2. Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova 


Patricija is always presents herself with a very strong dose of beauty.  Her beauty is at par with international stars like Aishwarya Rai, Oxana Federova, etc.

3. Miss Colombia Paulina Vega


Paulina’s picture makes you instantly smile.  Like Taliana Vargas, she is full of sweetness when it comes to looks.

4. Miss South Africa Ziphozakhe Zokufa


 Ziphozakhe is looking very womanly and attractive in the picture.  People are noticing her, she is making her mark in the contest.

5. Miss Argentia Valentina Ferrer


Valentina always gives her best shot.  And in this picture, she is even carrying a golf-stick! 😉

6. Miss Ethiopia Hiwot Mamo


Hiwot’s face looks very soothing and affable in the picture.  Being 1st runner-up at Miss Grand International, expectations were always high from her.

7. Miss Trinidad & Tobago Jevon King


Jevon’s gorgeous face has always attracted attention.  Thankfully her body looks fine here.

8. Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew


Pimbongkod is another lady that is emerging as a front-runner as time passes.  Her elegance, height & presence make her a standout in every event.

9. Miss India Noyonita Lodh


Noyonita is a pro when it comes to posing and waking – she always gives her best.  This shot is no exception.

10. Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos


Migbelis looks very charming.  Like Jevon, the photoshop is making her fitter and the picture better.

11. Miss USA Nia Sanchez


Nia is doing what she always does – looking great!  Expectations are always higher than what she delivers – hopefully she surpasses them in finals!

12. Miss Mexico Josselyn Garciglia


Josselyn looks like a film-star.  The body and the face – she just confirms that she is here to win it.

13. Miss Russia Yulia Alipova


Yulia’s eyes always are always enchanting.  She is said to be a spoilt-brat – oh well, with these looks, what’s wrong in that?!

14. Miss Serbia Andjelka Tomasevic 


Andjelka has the beauty that everyone will appreciate.  Like Puja Gupta, she may just surpass everyone’s expectations because she has the main ‘thing’ with her.

15. Miss Germany Josefin Donat


Josefin gets her shot to fame with this one.  Many consider her shot the best from Europe.  While we don’t agree with that, we do find her picture quite edgy and notable.

Do you look our choices?  Please share your feedback with us!  Have a great day ahead. 🙂
Credits – Pictures from MUO website!