Miss Universe 2014: Hotpicks 2

Miss Universe 2014 is nearing its Preliminary round, where we may see major changes as few girls who were hyped will fail to impress audiences and few who were never noticed will suddenly surface up in everyone’s prediction list. Our team assessed all the girls based on the Video Interviews, Evening Gown Portrait, Swimsuit Shoot, Close Up shot and Yamamay Swimsuit walk. Based on this assessment, there are few changes that our 2nd Hotpicks saw from our Pre-Arrival Hotpicks. Here are the Top 16 for our 2nd Hotpicks.

Top 1611to16

16) Dominican Republic, Kimberly Castillo

Kimberly is a sexy siren of this contest. She has hot body, sexy expressive face and seems quite good at interview too. This is the correct time when Dominican Republic should again place after 2009.

15) South Africa, Ziphozakhe Zokufa

We don’t regret stunning Rolene not representing South Africa at Miss Universe because her replacement is another stunning lady, in the form of ‘Ziphozakhe’. Ziphozakhe has amazing styling, can easily channelize as a black barbie. She also have engaging personality and a good body. We believe that she will do extremely well in indoor interview and will make her way easy to Top 16.

14) Philippines, Mary Jean Lastimosa

A list of finalist is not completed if Philippines is not included ;). What we love about MJ is her down to earth personality which seems to be loved by her co-contestants. She also gave due credits to her fans in her web interview which was sort of very sweet, when she said, “I claim it, Philippinos fans are the best fans in the world. You can not compare them to any other country fans.’ True Indeed. Her body is quite in shape and her huge experience in pageant has polished her enough to stand out. She will do well in preliminary, and then in finale.

13) Indonesia, Elvira Devinamira

If there was an award for sweetest girl of the pageant, it will go to Indonesia. Elvira’s charming aura can easily melt heart of judges and her stunning doll like face is enough to give her a good score in beauty department. Her interview was fun to watch. She will try continuing the placement streak for 2nd time in a row.

12) Netherlands, Yasmin Verheijen

We feel she is the best Miss Netherlands in past 10 years, or even more. We didn’t realize her stunning beauty in pictures but the moment we saw her interview, all we could do was re-watch it multiple times. That stunning radiance coming out from her was so impressionable that we were forced to include her into our list. She was also winner of our Best in Swimsuit for Miss Universe 2014.

11) Gabon, Maggaly Ornellia Nguema

Maggaly was rated as one of the 7 Goddesses at Miss Universe 2014, which proves how much we expect from this black beauty. Her 2nd runner up position at Miss Supranational shows that she has that X-Factor that can impress judges easily. The only concern we have is that she is little weak when it comes to interview, may be due to language, otherwise she is a shoo in for the finalist spot in the finale.

Top 10

6to 10

10) Serbia, Adjelka Tomasevic

Serbia is another goddess at the pageant. She did well at Miss Earth 2013 and came back to Miss Universe with perfect grooming. She seemed to be liked by MUO and fellow contestants. She is one of the best faces of the pageant and has got good body for the MU prototype. What else does a Miss Universe need? She can easily surprise us in finale.

9) Mexico, Josselyn Garciglia

Another polished diamond sent by Lupita to the pageant. Mexico generally does well when the pageant is held in USA and this year is no exception. Josselyn has got girl-next-door [stunning one though] type of features which are quite likeable and beside everything, she is a Latina. So expect her to perform well in the prelim and finale.

8) Costa Rica, Karina Ramos

Body checked. Face checked. Communication Skills checked. X-factor checked. This girl is somehow perfect in every sense and yet not much hyped as other front runners. If she was carrying the sash of Venezuela, she would have been a top bet by many. We kept her at safe bet of 8th position but we would really be happy to see her in Top 5.

7) Spain, Desiree Cordero

Spain is another stunner sent in a row. Desiree has this bubbly girl’s charm that will easily draw the attention of judges into her amazing personality. She is another face of the pageant which can go as high as winning the main spot. We lover her and it would be amazing to see her doing what her predecessor did, 1st runner up or may be higher 😛 .

6) India, Noyonita Lodh

What a stunning candidate India has sent this time. She is in her own league at Miss Universe and no other girl comes close to her when it comes to enjoying the pageant. Look at her swimsuit walk video and you will know why we said that. Her personality seems to be very humble, which many cheap hooker old grandma of some underdeveloped country is trying to ruin by making classless comments, just like her own classless brain. Her interview has covered her personality aspect so well and we know one thing for sure, she is a PERFORMER. She will definitely put India back on the map of ‘Threats’ at Miss Universe.

Top 5



4th Runner Up- Brazil, Melissa Gurgel

Last three representatives of Brazil made it to the top 5 and this year, Melissa is also expected to do the same. Check out her video at national level, she just killed the competition. She is Ramp Diva and once she will start walking, you can’t keep her out of your Top 5. She may not be one of the best faces at pageant but she will brun the stage by her presence in the Top 16.

3rd Runner Up- Thailand, Pimbongkod Chankaew

Yesterday, we saw her swimsuit walk at Yamamay swimsuit and we literally could see a Miss Universe walk into her. Miss Thailand brings on the elegance which no other girl has yet shown to us. That towering height and long legs will definitely make her a standout. Thailand was also 2nd in our ‘Best in Swimsuit for Miss Universe 2014’. Sadly, not many people have noticed this stunner from Thailand, but we hope that prelim will turn the table and people shall be able to see her true potential.

2nd Runner Up- Colombia, Paulina Vega

Paulina is full of beauty and has been preparing for the pageant since a long time now. She is in perfect shape and is very well-trained to do well in the finals. She comes quite close to the image that comes to mind when we think about the term “Miss Universe”. She just fits the bill so well! The country has always done well in Miss Universe, but often misses the crown by whiskers! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride… Hope Paulina breaks the spell!

1st Runner Up- Argentina, Valentina Ferrer

Valentina wins the heart with her beautiful video interview. You just know it, that she is very intelligent and wise. She is beautiful from within. She is one of the few girls who have nailed all the three official shots. She was also invited along with Nia Sanchez & Gabriela Isler for a TV interview in the very starting of the pageant. The country pays a heavy franchisee fee and choice of Valentina as Miss Universe can also go in strong favor of the latin viewers. All these factors, along with the fact that Valentina is a deserving beauty in herself, work very much in her favor. We won’t be surprised if she wins it all.

Winner- USA, Nia Sanchez

Nia Sanchez was a Disney princess at Disneyland in Hong Kong and she possesses all the qualities for that. She is in perfect shape and has an amazing face. Her look is very glamorous and commercial and so is her personality. She is a star and can be an easy choice as the new Miss Universe. She is definitely one of the best Miss USA winners in recent times and interestingly, her speaking skills remind you of the lively Olivia Culpo. In 1997, Brook Lee won the Miss Universe crown after USA & Venezuela won it in 1995 & 1996 respectively. Can Nia do the same this year?