Interview Round: Pageant Question 1

Do you feel you lack in communication skills while interview?

Do you find it difficult to answer an on the spot question?

Do you feel, only if you could answer a question with more confidence, you can win any pageant?

Then here we are…


The Great Pageant Community has made another great move by deciding to help the aspiring beauty queens and the girls who are preparing for some International Pageant. Now onward, probably every Monday, we shall be releasing one pageant question and best answer(s) for that question. The answers will be from the pool we receive as an entry from members on our group on Facebook. These questions may not always be relevant to pageants, but they will give you confidence to speak on Anything that comes on your way; how cool is that?

You can follow us by subscribing to our Newsletter or keep checking us every Monday to get a new question every time. So all the participants, happy preparation..!!!

Pageant Question: Q1

1) If you had a Magic Lamp, what 3 wishes you would ask for?

Winner: Harish Sugandh


1. A perfect body forever
2. Own big resort at Miami which includes casino and a garage of 15 most expensive cars.
3. More 99 magic lamps

Comments by Admin: If you can’t give a brainy, philosophical answer to  a question, make it funny. What Harish did in the end was very smart by asking 99 more lamps. This will surely make judges  laugh and make you star in their eyes.

1st Runner Up: Libenthung Yanthan


1) Food for everyone so that not a soul in this world go to sleep with empty stomach

2. World peace

3. True love for everyone, including me.

Comments by Admin: Libenthung has smartly involved whole world as well as his own self. Remember, if you say ONLY world welfare, it would definitely look pageant patty. There is no harm in being little selfish, after all honesty is always preferred over fake well wishes.

A still from the answer entries
A still from the answer entries

2nd Runner Up: Kartik Behl


1) Loads of love and luck to my family
2) Girls drooling all over me
3) My parents never leave this world without me

Comments by Admin: This answer covered emotional aspect and funny aspect. However you may mild out the point 2 depending upon the kind of contest you are going. Including your family in answer will always be looked upon as a responsible child, which is definitely good.

Can you think of a better answer? Do let us know.