Miss Universe 2014 Pre-Arrival Hot-Picks

The Miss World fever is just over and in a while Miss Universe fever will begin.  The girls will start arriving at Doral islands in the first week of January and by 25th of the month, we will know who the new winner is!  Based on the information available right now, here we have the pre-arrival hot-picks for Miss Universe 2014!  The picks have been  made by experts after careful deliberation.

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Rank No. 20 – Philippines – Mary Jane Lastimosa: Philippines has been a very strong stake-holder for the Miss Universe Organization in the recent years.  The top MUO representatives, including the reigning Miss Universe, have been quite open about the fact that the country is a major market for the Miss Universe pageant.  The importance of the country is clear from the fact that girls from the island nation have been cracking the Top 5 from 4 years straight!  These facts just leave no option to the fans but to take Mary Jane very seriously.  Add to this, the girl has her strengths.  We do see her in the Top 20 for now.

Rank No. 19 – Curacao – Laurien Angelista: Laurein is lean, modelesque and beautiful. She definintely has the raw traits that are needed in a girl to do well at international pageants like Miss Universe.  Hopefully if her preparations are strong and focused, we may see make the cut in the finals.  It has been 17 years since the vivacious Verna Vasquez of Curacao shined at the Miss Universe stage.  We would be elated to see Laurien complete the task that Verna could not accomplish inspite of coming so close.

Rank No. 18 – Puerto Rico – Gabriela Berrios: The national pageant of Puerto Rico is one of the best in the world.  Winning it is definitely a big deal.  Gabriela certainly does possess all the basic qualities that one seeks in an international star.  You cannot help but get impressed by her presentation skills.  Of course, people always expect Miss Puerto Rico winners to be very well prepared and Gabriela will be no exception.

Rank No. 17 – Thailand – Pingbomgkod Chankaew: Thailand is having a wonderful time in pageantry this year.  The country won the Miss Intercontinental pageant & made it to the top circles of Misses Supranatioanal & International contests.  Recently Thailand also won the People’s Choice award at the Miss World contest.  We hope this tall & tender lass continues the happiness streak of the country.

Rank No. 16 – Australia – Tegan Martin: Tegan is a pageant veteran.  She has finished as 1st Runner-up in Miss Australia twice!  She shares this with Misses USA & Philippines who failed to win pageants before succeeding in achieving the ticket to Miss Universe 2014.

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Rank No. 15 – Kosovo – Artnesa Krasniqi: The second name Krasniqi takes us back to 2008 when Xana Krasniqi opened the innings for the country at Miss Universe pageant.  With her pouty lips and striking presence, she made it to the Top 10.  Her feat was followed by the gorgeous Gona Dragusha who did an “Audrey Hepburn” and placed in Top 5, winning hearts of millions around the world with her unique styling and unprecedented class.  It is long since we saw a Kosovan beauty create a huge wave at Miss Universe.  Ford model Artnesa is definitely one girl who has the potential to do it!

Rank No. 14 – Czech Republic – Gabriela Frankova: Italian actress Sophia Loren crowned this beautiful lady as Ceska Miss 2014 in March this year. A factor that strongly works in favor of Gabriela is that the new crown of Miss Universe pageant is coming from her country!  It has been 3 years since a Czech beauty made the cut.  This lovely girl definitely has a shot to break the chain.

Rank No. 13 – South Africa – Ziphozakhe Zokufa: Anyone who followed Miss South Africa pageant this year will agree that Ziphozakhe is a really beautiful girl.  She has a very elegant presence in addition to a tall, lean frame and an affable personality.  If she puts her 100 %, which we believe she will, this girl definitely can place and even go as far as Top 10.  We would love it if she goes still further also.

Rank No. 12 – Mexico – Josselyn Azzeneth Garciglia Bañuelos: Josselyn is Miss Mexico since October 2013 and preparing from long for the prestigious title of Miss Universe.  The country has always done well at Miss Universe.  Let us see how she performs during the pre-pageant activities.

Rank No. 11 – Brazil – Melissa Gurgel: Brazil’s Jakelyne rocked the stage last year and finished 5th.  She was TGPC’s pick for Best in swimsuit.  Her body was as perfect as the smile of Aishwarya Rai!  Melissa has a tough act to follow, but this girl also has her own merits.  In terms of physical beauty, she is very strong.  Expect another excellent performance by this country at MU this year.

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Rank No. 10 – Serbia – Andjelka Tomašević: Every now and then, there is some beauty who is facially very strong but sort of weak in presentation skills.  In 2007, she was Puja Gupta of India and this year she is Andjelka of Serbia.  TGPC had named her “Face of the year” in 2013 after her stint at Miss Earth.  Expect the same magic from her at MU!

Rank No. 9 – Gabon – Maggaly Nguema: Maggaly is very elegant and now very experienced after participation at Misses International and Supranational pageants.  She finished in the Top 3 in the latter.  She is a beautiful black doll and can definitely do a “Leila Lopes” at Miss Universe.  Just like Leila, her initial pictures on winning the national pageant had created a stir among the fans.  She is one of our sentimental favorites.   It would be amazing to see her win Miss Universe.  It’s always fun when small countries win major international beauty contests.

Rank No. 8 – Dominican Republic – Kimberley Castillo: Kim won the Miss Italia Nel Mondo contest in Italy in the year 2010.  It is an international beauty pageant for girls of Italian Heritage.  With a height of 1.83 cm, a beautiful face and a very toned body, this girl is definitely not someone who can be ignored!

Rank No. 7 – France – Camille Cerf: Camille is very youthful and refreshing to look at.  She impressed everyone at the Miss France pageant recently.  She is also very tall.  Although the preparation time she got is short, we feel she has what it takes to do well.  The country missed placement last year after scoring a Top 10 in 2012, but this year they will be back hopefully.

Rank No. 6 – Costa Rica – Karina Ramos: Karina is a pageant veteran.  She has participated in many pageants before Miss Universe.  She was in Top 20 at Miss Supranational 2012, 3rd runner-up & Best Body Award winner at Miss Belleza Americana 2013, winner of Reina Internacional de la Paz 2013, 1st Runner-up at Reina Internacional de la Ganaderia 2013 and, Miss Culture & 3rd Runner-up at Miss Turismo Latino 2013.  With such rich experience, expectations are very high from Karina.

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Rank No. 5 – India – Noyonita Lodh: Noyonita has excellent rampwalk skills & attitude.  She loves to present herself before people and is quite comfortable in her own skin.  Her unique features make her a standout.  She received great feedback from the international community after winning Miss Diva and will hopefully surpass the success achieved last year by the mesmerising Manasi Moghe.

Rank No. 4 – Spain – Desiree Ferrer: Last year Spain placed second at the Miss Universe pageant with the picture-perfect beauty Patricia Rodriguez.  This year again Spain is sending a very strong delegate.  Like Patricia, Desiree has a very beautiful face.  Like Patricia, Desiree’s body is very much in shape.  Like Patricia, Desiree is a very successful model in Spain.  It seems Desiree too will place in Top 5, like Patricia!

Rank No. 3 – Ecuador – Alejandro Argudo: This hazel-eyed angel was in Top 12 of World’s Next Top Model 2013.  Alejandro is gorgeous and has a very fit body.  With her amazing looks, it seems she will continue the success of Ecuador at Miss Universe.  Another Top 5 placement for the country?  Quite possible!

Rank No. 2 – Colombia – Paulina Vega: Colombia was particularly successful at Miss Universe pageant during the 90s.  The girls from the country are always very personable in addition to being beautiful.  Paulina is no exception.  Since winning her national pageant last year, she has been making a buzz.  The best thing about Paulina is that she is very natural-looking and has a fabulous lean body.  Her stage-presence is to die for!  This girl can definitely bring her country in Top 2 again, it’s been 5 years already since Taliana woved us with her twirls in Vietnam.

Rank No. 1 – USA – Nia Sanchez: Talk about any quality that you seek in an international winner and it will be present in Nia.  Beautiful, tall, lean, modelesque, confident, smart, personable, angelic, great on ramp, very presentable, commercial-looking, cute & sweet, affable, has an aura – everything about this lady is just right.  Have a look at her Disney Princess pictures while at work in Singapore – she screams GORGEOUS!  Plus one year gap is good-luck to USA.  Brook won in 1997 after Chelsea did 1995.  We honestly feel Nia is miles ahead of Olivia, it would be great to see her as the new Miss Universe!


These picks are based on initial impressions.  A lot will change once the girls start arriving.  Miss Universe is the best pageant in the world and it would be wonderful to follow it!  And yes, the batch of Miss Universe 2014 is definitely better than batch of Miss World 2014!

Credits to the owners of the pictures