Movie Review: The Brilliance called “PK”

Boman Irani: “Yeh (condom) sab ke paas hota hai.  It’s used during sex.”
PK (Aamir): “Humka ek question hai.  Ye istamaal karta hai to sab ke saamne leta kyu nai hai.”
Boman Irani: “Because sex is a private thing.”
PK (Aamir): “To fir jab shaadi karta hai tab kyu sab ko khaana khila kea ur patakhe fod ke bolta hai ki I am going to have sex, I am going to have sex.”

OK so above lines are from PK – not the exact dialogs (word by word) but yes it gives you an idea.  I started the article with these lines to set the tone.  This is how PK is – the character as well as the movie.  Innocent, truthful, blunt, unique, out of the box and very lovable.  Kudos to Mr. Hirani for living up to the brilliant reputation that he established with his previous 3 mega-hits.  PK is one of the films that just make you appreciate cinema so much!

PK “exposes” the current day manipulations of religion like never before!


The story is about an alien who is finding something precious on earth.  During this journey, he struggles to understand earth and humanity.  He forms many interesting perspectives about humans, especially when it comes to religion.  It is like getting a third-party perspective on our civilisation.  It is sarcastic, intelligent and at the same time not very negative.  It is very intellectual and presented with exquisite sensitivity and style.

Aamir Khan outdoes himself with easily the best performance he has given till date.  May be Shah Rukh or Ranbir – I don’t think any other actor could have done justice to this unique character.  It is just so rare to see a Bollywood lead hero in such character.  This year is special because it has happened for the third time.  First was the unique female lead in Hasee To Phasee – the weird scientist played by Parineeti with excellent panache. I so wish her performance is appreciated at the awards this year!  Next was the girl next door Rani played by Kangana Ranaut in Queen.  Of course she is very simple and kind of silly, but the girl is intelligent and very individualistic as we see by the end of the movie.  And third character is PK – the adorable astronaut who learns Bhojpuri, discovers how humans don’t go around nude & understands the concept of currency (oh Mr. Hirani, you are HILARIOUS!).

The mind behind PK - Rajkumar Hirani
The mind behind PK – Rajkumar Hirani

Last time I felt so much appreciation for a movie was when I saw HER (2013).  The movie had excellent concept and more importantly, the concept was so brilliantly fleshed out into the screenplay and thus the movie.  I LOVED it.  Same thing can be said about PK.  The idea is great and it has been so brilliantly fleshed out. I am glad we have brilliant people like Mr. Hirani around!

The film questions the concept of traditional religion, or at least the current-day manipulation of it.  As someone who has never considered himself religious (I am born-Hindu, I visit temples sometimes because of the harmony at the premises, but I am not religious.  I have my own beliefs about life, universe & God), I thoroughly enjoyed the whole perspective.  The modern religions thrive on fear that is present in humans.  In fact a free & open mind would never allow himself to be considered in a traditional religion fitment.  Truly religious are those who discover that religion is love, faith & more of a “state of mind” than visits to temples, asking for forgiveness & fearing someone who is called “God”.  Sorry but a “God” who punishes you, will not be a “God”.  As Wordsworth said about love, “one word is too often profaned for me to profane it”.  The same is true for “God”.  I love God.  I am just not in agreement with the perceptions of God & religion that people have made out of it.  And I deny stooping down to the shallownesses of those who compartmentalise people based on religion, and even go to the extent of fighting against each other on the name of “God” – the very entity that they claim to have created “everyone”.  Offended?  I don’t give a F.  Nor does PK.  Thankfully. 😛

Go watch PK.  Laugh. Enjoy. Have a good time! 🙂

Movie Ratings: 4.5 / 5


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