Indian Pageantry: Top 5 most beautiful Crown

Any pageant winner will be recognized by her crown. Crown symbolizes power, fame and attention. Its like one of those jewels for the winner without which a pageant is never complete. When it comes to pageants, India has always been a country to watch out at an international arena; especially in 2014, where all the Indian representative created a stir among the pageant fans by their performance and hot favourite status. India too had excel with their crown designs for pageant winners in recent years. We thought of picking up 5 crowns which can again be brought back for winners as they represent ‘Royal’ feeling. Here is our list of Top 5 crowns of Miss India:


Top 5

1) I Am She Crown:


We could not find a crystal clear pic of this beautiful crown but that doesn’t take it down from its No. 1 Position. What we loved about this crown is the fact that it was a signature crown, unlike Femina Miss India crowns. The crown was worn by Miss Universe India 2010, 2011 and 2012. Going into the detailing, it resembled to Miss World crown by the stone works. If you are able to have a close look at the crown, you will see sculpted peacock which represents Indian National bird. The pearls and motifs were exquisite and is probably the only crown in Indian Pageant history covering the full periphery of the crown with stone works. We would love to see such crown being used by Femina Miss India group in future. The crown was designed by Golecha Jewels company based in Jaipur, India.

2) Miss India 2010 Crown:

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This beautiful gold work crown was worn by Manasvi Mamgai, Miss India World 2010. The crown resembles to the crown of Statue of Liberty, which symbolizes freedom; freedom of thoughts. The crown actually symbolized the feel of power and fame. The crown had green tri-oval stones on the edge which just contradicted the colour of crown and stood out instantly. The crown was designed by Gitanjali Jewels company. In fact, We liked all 3 crowns designed by Gitanjali in 2010 but the other 2 were not strong enough to replace the top 5 crowns in our list.

3) Miss India Earth 2004, 2006 and 2007 Crown:


What can be more elegant than the design inspired from peacock? Miss India Earth crowns for 2004, 2006 and 2007 was one of the best designs give to 3rd spot winner. The blue and green stone were just mesmerizing with big diamonds stealing the attentions in between. The design was a depiction of a dancing peacock in rain with extremely well placed small diamond pieces to make it look refined master piece. The main theme was Flora and Faun as narrated by the designer. The crown was designed by Tanishq.

4) Miss India World 2004, 2006 and 2007 Crown:


The 4th spot is again taken by Tanishq’s designed crown for Miss India World. Unfortunately, the first ever girl to wear this crown, Lakshmi Pandit in 2004, resigned from the title in 2 days. This crown draws its inspiration from the sea, the lifeline of the world. It is expressed in shades of light turquoise stones, symbolic of waves. The maang tika represents the Indian woman combined with crown symbolizing more power, more fame and more voice. The randomness in the bottom was a unique design ever compared to perfectly round bases we see in regular crowns.

5) Miss India World 2013 Crown:


This crown was worn by Navneet Kaur Dhillon.  The vertically elongated crown symbolizes long and lasting success and the oval-shaped diamond holders were perfect depiction of modern femininity. The pink and green stones stood out and grabbed the attentions and the minute embellishments of multi-miniature diamonds all over the crown was praise worthy. The crown was designed by PC Jewellers.

Which one stood out for you? Do let us know.