Miss Earth 2014 Pre Arrival Hotpicks


Miss Earth 2014 is the 14th edition of the said pageant and the finale will be held in the Quezon city of Philippines on 29 November 2014. The outgoing queen Alyz Henrich from Venezuela will crown the new Miss Earth on the conclusion of the event. Looking at arrival pics and start-up activities, we have arrived with the early favourites of the contest. Here are our Top 15 for the Miss Earth 2014 pageant. 

TOP 15 

11 to 15

15) Austria- Valerie Huber: What a fresh beauty. We loved her youthfulness and radiant face. After a 1st runner-up finish last year at Miss Earth, Austria is coming strong this year.

14) Indonesia- Annisa Ananda Nusvirwan: Indonesia is one of the best faces in Asian candidates. Her doll-like features stands her out. What we love about her is her chiseled bone and sharply soft features. however, little dull in camera projection and energy. Hence. presently we see her at 14th Spot.

13) Ukraine- Valeriia Poloz: If a girl is from Ukraine, she is by default beautiful. Valeriia is one such another beautiful face at pageant sent by Ukraine this year. Her facial features reminds me of Miss South Africa 2012, Melinda Bam who placed in Top 10 at Miss Universe that year. Will this girl be as successful? Come finale…!

12) Nepal,Prinsha Shrestha: Nepal is slowly rising their flag in the world of pageants, especially at Miss Earth. Prinsha was first to arrive at the pageant venue. Her organisation seems very determined & has worked hard on her. She has this top model look about her but needs proper styling. She is expected to place in finale.

 11) USA- Andrea Neu: USA is a rising house in Miss Earth lately. They have been performing consistently well in last 5 years and are again on right path by sending a beautiful candidate. Andrea is mysterious yet charming. Little chubby though but we believe this will work on a positive note for her.

TOP 10

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10) Czech Republic-Nikola Buranska: Another beautiful charming face from Czech Republic. Although, not a great performer in Miss Earth but yet get noticed due to their natural beauty. Nikola has got well toned body and lovable personality. If she plays her cards well, she will be shoo in for Top 10 in finale.

9) India- Alankrita Sahai: Alankrita is a very strong delegate this year representing India. She has this body to die for and she already won 2 sub contest awards. She is one of the best speakers and what we love about this girl is that she is the only Miss India who speaks Spanish, her cute accents are adorable. A PERFORMER is a word to define her. She will be in for sure.

8) Fiji-Zoe Mc Cracken: Not a well noticed country in pageants but We believe that this years she will change the fate of Fiji at Miss Earth 2014. Lovely face, dusky tone and sophisticated queenie look will be appreciated by the fans.

7) Philippines- Jamie Herrell: If it’s a pageant, you simply can’t ignore Philippines and Venezuela out. Facially not the best in group, but girl next door whom you can’t ignore. She will be there in finale for obvious reasons. We also love her bubbly personality.

6) Spain- Zaira Bas: Zaira is an experienced model and would have been a top choice at a pageant like Miss Universe. Nevertheless, in Miss Earth as well, we see her as one of the top choices and her chiseled features are exotic. It would be nice to see her gracing the top 10 in finale.


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5)  Slovak Republic- Daria Frabici: Her hair and her eyes.. <3 . We just love this girl and her young charming beauty. She is like those cute girls who are innocent yet matured. The girl is sure shot a Top 5 if properly styled in finale.

4) Puerto Rico- Franceska Toro: Strong Latina fighting for the crown. This girl fits in the likes of Miss Puerto Rico Universe and we are sure that she is destined to be a star at this pageant. She is elegant in evening gown and a fierce bomb in swimsuit.

3) Suriname- Giselle Reinberg: This girl is the best ebony beauty this year at Miss Earth. In fact, We can call her the best girl Suriname ever sent to Miss Earth. We feel she should not get anything less than a Top 5 placement, however she might also pull off a major surprise by winning the main crown.

2) Venezuela- Maira Alexandra Rodriguez: Although this girl was supposed to compete in 2015, the representative of 2014 was dethroned and hence she had to fly instead. Now many thinks that she won’t do well as she didn’t have much time, but oh well, this is Venezuela…! They are pageant ready even before they are crowned. Osmel is no fool to send a toddler. Believe us, she may not win because of last year’s winner from Venezuela, she will end up high. We actually liked her a lot at Miss Venezuela pageant.

Winner: France-Laetizia Penmelen: Laetizia is one of the best representative ever at Miss Earth from France. Her face and body can set stage on fire (No Miss Earth Fire title pls). Her symmetrical oval facial features brings harmony into the eyes of beholder.  She is destined to shine here. For us, at this moment, she is the winner…!


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