Miss Universe National Costumes as Halloween Costumes !!

Tonight the world celebrates Halloween – a festival where every one dresses up into fancy costumes; it is celebrated by kids & adults likely, to have a fun time!  Miss Universe National Costume round showcases the talent, culture & heritage of the delegates’ countries.  Won’t it be fun if people use these national costumes during Halloween!?!  Here are some tips/suggestions on how to dress up as a Miss Universe Contestant during Halloween. 😀


The Snow Queen


Frozen was one of the biggest movie blockbusters last year & many young girls will be dressed up as Princess Elsa.  If you want to dress up like a Snow Queen & yet don’t wanna look like every other girl at the Halloween party, we suggest you take inspiration from Miss Finland 2012 & Miss Switzerland 2013; they both wore show-stopping costumes inspired by Snow Clad Mountains in their respective countries & truly deserved the tag of Snow Queen.


 The Sexy Witchescruel

Halloween is also the time when people remember witches, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts.  Dressing up like a Sexy witch & not Maleficent will be incredible idea.  Here are some of the Miss Universe Contestants who touched their dark sides for the national Costume Parade, though many of them aren’t inspired by any witch or evil.  They somehow manage to give a spooky & gothic look to the whole costume.



Men love women in uniform; you can be a sexy ranger, a Nation hero, Police Officer, a Pirate or a Train driver.  Wearing a uniform in a sexy way will make you center of attraction at any party!


Tribute to the Monuments


Okay this might be a bit of over the top, but dressing up like  Statue of Liberty or Sdyney Opera House will ensure that people remember you even after years!


The Transformers


Erin Brady was bashed by many for wearing a Transformer costume at Miss Universe 2013.  As a big fan of tranformer series, I loved the whole idea behind the costume; this costume can be used on so many different occasions besides Halloween, like Comic-con, Parades etc.  One thing is for sure – people will take pictures with you, talk about you and yes, you may need to visit a orthopedic doctor the next morning!

So which one are you picking up for yourself?! 😀 😀 😀