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Pageant Forecast for 2014: Will that be India again?

The period of 90’s in the World of Pageants was an era of Glory for India. Yes, this was the time when any pageant follower would never miss to out check who is Miss Venezuela, who is Miss USA and who is Miss India at any pageant. The single sided domination by Miss Venezuelas’ was brought down to an end where any Miss India reaching Top 5 (i.e. final question answer round) would beat the ever favourite Miss Venezuela with most of the time by winning the main crown itself. The glory lasted till the time India achieved the feat of bagging international crowns when all the 3 Miss India winners won their respective pageants, i.e Lara Dutta won Miss Universe, Priyanka Chopra won Miss World and Dia Mirza won Miss Asia Pacific. The representative of India, Gayathri Joshi, at Miss International was designated by Femina Team who also made it to the Top 12 of Miss International.

Miss India 2000 with their respective pageant crowns

Miss India 2000 with their respective pageant crowns

This glory started sinking in mid-00’s when Miss India started being passed off as any other xyz-contestant at the pageant and getting treated as a ‘No More Threat’ to the other front runners, most of the times. While Miss Venezuelas’ were still the major front runners as always, Mexico and Puerto Rico came into the pictures as the new born front runners at important pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth pageants and lately at Miss Supranational (a pageant born in 2009). The graph went up and down for countries like Russia, Brazil and Colombia but somehow managed to be touted as minor front runners.


Mary Jean Lastimosa Miss Universe Philippines 2014 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti Bb. Pilipinas 2014 International Parul Shah Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2014 Kris Tiffany Janson Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Intercontinental Yvethe Marie Santiago Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Supranational Laura Victoria Lehmann Bb. Pilipinas 2014 1st Runner Up Hannah Ruth Sison Bb. Pilipinas 2014 2nd Runner Up

Representatives of Philippines for the year 2014

The again-monotonous scenario took a turn in late 00’s and early 10’s of the century 2000, when Philippines started gaining popularity due to the pageant craze in their audiences, their strict and determined training schedules and FOCUSED delegates. Although, many thinks that Philippines are making their mark because of their fan followings and politics at pageants as even the non-attractive* girls ending up in top 5 many times, the fact can’t be denied that they are rising and will continue to rise for at least few years when the status of major front runner, apart from Venezuela, will again shift to some other country at pageants.


Now the question is: Will that be India again?

India Sash

The dying pageant scenario in India came to revival in 2010 when the crowd as well as major pageant websites’ favourite Nicole Faria from India won the first Miss Earth crown for India after several runners up and finalists at the pageant. However, the pageant being not so famous across the world as Miss World and Miss Universe are, the fame of win couldn’t influence much for chances of India at other pageants and hence, Miss India failed very badly in 2011 where none of the representatives placed in any pageant as listed in the beginning of the article, a situation similar to Venezuela in 2004 when all the Miss Venezuela representatives failed to place in their respective pageants. This lead to the blame game of pointing out fault on organisation, girls’ determination and wardrobe (again the same story). But, 2012 was a year where India was hugely noticed at Miss World and Miss International. The girls placed in Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International which made India visible again on map of overall performance ranking, meanwhile Philippines and Venezuela were busy fighting for number 1 spot. 2013 was another remarkable year where The Top 2 representatives of India, i.e. Manasi Moghe for Miss Universe and Navneet Dhillon for Miss World, made waves at pageants for their beautiful look and charming aura. Navneet was being hyped as next Miss World when she was crowned as a representative for Miss World where as Manasi was being treated as another non placement for India. But Manasi proved her haters wrong and killed the contest in preliminary that every follower started putting her in their final prediction list of semi-finalist. She managed to place 10th in finale whereas Navneet managed to placed 11th at Miss World.

The Forecast for the Year 2014

Indian representatives for 2014

Indian representatives for 2014

This year is unique in its own as the top pageant representatives of India, i.e. Koyal Rana for Miss World and Noyonita Lodh for Miss Universe, were HEAVY crowd favourite. Never in our experience have we seen this kind of support to the delegates not for their international win but for National win.  We are glad that these 2 stunners will be representing India at at Top 2 most prestigious pageants in the world. Not to underestimate the Indian representatives of other pageants. Here we present a consolidated report on all the girls and their strength and scope of improvements:

  • Miss Universe India: Noyonita Lodh
Noyonita Lodh

Noyonita Lodh

As mentioned, this girl was a huge crowd favourite to win the title and what amazes us the most is that more than Indian fans, she has a huge army of international fans supporting her. This girl is exotic and can channel a supermodel attitude any time. She screams Diva in every inch of hers and there is something about her that even her haters will not be able to ignore her from getting noticed. The girl has got sharp western look, a well-toned body and attractive face which will increase her chances of placement in Florida during Miss Universe 2014. She is an experienced model which is obvious in her mannerism and ramp walk (Wow!!! What an energy) and we assume that she will chose custom carved wardrobe for the pageant as she has got many well-wishers and pageant experts to advise her. At the moment, we see her in Top 3 of Miss Universe 2014.

  • Miss World India: Koyal Rana
Koyal Rana

Koyal Rana

Just like Noyonita, she was a major favourite at Miss India for the crown and she won…!!! Koyal is an extremely beautiful girl whose aura keeps you engaging and keeps growing on you. She is well spoken, if not Lara, and she is well behaved. The only concerned during her crowning was her skinny body which we can see much fitter now. This shows how determined this girl is and the fact is obvious that she knows ‘I am here to win the 6th crown for India’. We see her doing very well at the sub contests like Top Model, Beach Beauty, Beauty with Purpose. Presently we see her locked in Top 5 at Miss World.

  • Miss Earth India: Alankrita Sahai
Alankrita Sahai

Alankrita Sahai

She was another favourite at Miss Diva, along with Noyonita. However, she ended up as 1st runners up and got the right to represent India at Miss Earth. Although, Alankriti is facially not the prettiest, she compensates it with her sophisticated and classy attitude. She speaks like there is no tomorrow and charms you with her beautiful Spanish accents. Her body is to die for and pageant ready at the moment. Given the fact that she is already and established model, her perfect ramp walk is no question. She will definitely manage to make the first cut and will probably end up being in Question-Answer round. The only thing we worry is that Miss Earth generally prefers girls with soft features, but what gives is the confidence is the fact that a girl with sharp outstanding features with super confidence like Alankriti is much better than prettiest girls with no energy.

  • Miss International India: Jhataleka Malhotra
Jhataleka Malhotra

Jhataleka Malhotra

Jhataleka was the major crown favourite at Miss India 2014, along with Koyal. Jhataleka was a Top 5 finisher at Miss Diva 2013 and came back to Miss India very strong. Jhataleka also won one of the most important sub titles of ‘Miss photogenic’ at the pageant. Jhataleka is very well spoken girl and with right mixture of confident. She is already into her stint at Japan for Miss International and our amazement is that she is already a crowd’s major favourite to win Miss International along with Philippines, Mexico etc. At the moment, we see her placing in Top 10 for sure rest all depends on how she progresses her way to finale.

  • Miss India Supranational: Asha Bhatt
Asha Bhatt

Asha Bhatt

Asha Bhatt was contestants’ favourite at Miss Diva and many thought that she was one of the strongest competitors to compete with. Asha is a very good singer and a very confident speaker. She carries that Indian look that used to charm audiences in 90’s pageants. She resembles to Rani Jeyraj who was a Top 5 at Miss World 1996. Asha needs to work on body as Miss Supranational has 2 rounds of judging Body proportions, i.e. Lingerie round and Swimsuit round. Rest all is her wardrobe she needs to take care off. Presently she is in our Top 20 and may surface up high as she nears to the contest finale.

Do you also see what we see here? Tell us how similar or different is your opinion than ours.

*as pointed out by fans at major beauty pageant websites.

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  1. Fabulous Opinion
    It’s True 2014 is The Golden Year of INDIAN Pageantry
    All The Vivacious n Dazzling Stunners of INDIA will Become International Queens
    Strongest Batch of Delegates from INDIA

    Winners For Sure – Jhataleka, Koyal, Noyonita
    Asha n Alankrita Will Surprise Everyone 🙂

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