Miss America 2015 Question & Answer Round – “A Critique”

Post Miss USA, TGPC published a critique on the Q/A round which was quite popular.  On public demands, we are doing the same for Miss America 2015.

We are here presenting the question, the answer, our comments and a possible Ideal answer.  Now please note here that Ideal answer is ideal in our perspective.  We have followed pageants since years and we have certain understanding about Q/A rounds.  Still at the end of the day, Q/A answers are a matter of perspective.  At best, we can provide your our opinions on the same.  But yes, these opinions are quite confident and full of high self-esteem.

The questions and answers can be seen in the video.  In the description, they are paraphrased.

Video Credit: MyBeauty Official Channel on YouTube

First up, Arkansas!


Q-Should there be any restrictions on use of guns by children?
Arkansas said a lot actually in just 20 seconds.  She was very fast.  Her point was mainly that children don’t need to know how to hold a gun and hence there should be restrictions.  What I liked the best about the answer was that Arkansas said a lot of things in just 20 seconds.  She was really fast.  She did put all her points and perhaps she can be satisfied with that.  May be a more gracefully delivery could have helped.  She was definitely good but not really sure if this could be the winning answer.
Score 7.5 / 10

Possible Ideal Answer: Obviously the answer would be yes, please put restrictions since children are not supposed to play with guns.  They are supposed to learn how to write, read, play with other kids, catch butterflies, ask weird questions, but gun?  No way!

Next, Florida!

Q-Football stars’ wife stands by him in spite of him punching her publicly.  What do you think of her decision?

Florida disagreed with the decision saying that he didn’t deserve a second chance!  She said there is just one chance and one choice and he didn’t make the right ones.  Honestly I think she totally ended her chances here and then.  Although a lot of people would technically agree to this, but forgiving and forget is also one thing.  This question reminded me of Femina Miss India 1999 question where girls had to comment on Hillary Clinton’s decision to forgive Bill Clinton.
Score 6.5/10

Possible Ideal Answer:  Well I think the safest bet would be saying that the wife has shown a strong case of a person who is unconditionally loving and perhaps her kindness may inspire her husband to turn into a better man.

Third is, New York!


Q-There are 20 women senators.  In which issue should they take the lead and challenge majority?

New York smartly replied that those should be issues pertaining women in military who go to fight for the country.  The answer was well delivered, almost flawless in a sense and can be put in category of a winning answer.

Possible Ideal Answer: It’s a really new question, but any issue pertaining to women can be mentioned here.  Say issues related problems that women can understand the best should be lead by women senators.  These may include issues related women reservations in jobs or education, women military, rules related to women working in industries, etc.
Score 8/10

Come on up, Virginia!


Q-How should US react to beheading by ISIS terrorists?

Virginia said that something needs to be done about this and America is not the only country to do it.  Countries should get along in UN and do something about this.  Well it was a nice answer, but in a way she didn’t answer the question.  What should America do about this?  This answer can leave a little gap simply because USA is famous for taking assertive stands and actions.  But yes, she looked absolutely gorgeous.  If this was Miss USA, this girl would have won.
Score 7.75/10

Possible Ideal Answer: Perhaps she could have said that America should ensure greater security to American nationals in that part of the world, but at the same time not give up to the terrorists.  Something on these lines would have sounded more intelligent.

Last but not the least, Massachusetts!


Q-How to protect college girls from rape?

Massachusetts delivered her answer smartly.  She said this needs to be talked about with the freshmen girls and guys.  Well in a way talking about this won’t really solve it.  The delivery was fine, but to me the content wasn’t that strong.  And yes, this somehow reminds of Nia’s question in Miss USA.  That girl answered it perfectly.
Score 6/10

Possible Ideal Answer: Like Nia, Massachusetts could have talked about the value of self-defence for women.

Based on my scores, the results should be—

1st New York
2nd Virginia
3rd Arkansas
4th Florida
5th Massachusetts

And lo and behold, this is exactly what the judges thought!  This is what I like about Miss America.  It is such a fair pageant.  I think there are just two suggestions that can be made to Miss America

  1. Please increase the time limit to 30 seconds. The girls speaking so fast to complete their answer – it looks funny & kind of awkward at times.
  2. Please keep a common question – that’s the best way to judge interview.

What we liked about the round,

  1. The announcement of Top 5 along with Q/A makes the whole thing much more interesting!
  2. The questions were sensible and the winners were chosen based on the final answers only!

So that’s all guys, our humble attempt on analysis of Miss America 2015 Q/A round. Hope you liked the read. 🙂