Miss Diva 2014: Review of Video Introduction.

Miss Diva 2014 has already started filming its reality TV Show episodes where 16 girls are competing against each other to win an ultimate crown of Miss Diva Universe where the winner gets a chance to represent India in Miss Universe contest this year. The finale is scheduled on 1st Oct’2014, meanwhile all the various grooming activities are going on. Recently Miss Diva released close up introductory videos of all the 16 girls and we could analyse their personality based on them. We have divided our assessment into 3 bands,

Gold Band: Can possibly win one of the top 3 crowns.

Silver Band: Has chance to place as one of the semi finalists and with proper grooming she might even penetrate in Top 3.

Bronze Band: Needs strict grooming to be a pro for winning the main crown. May take time to polish.

Miss Diva 2014 finalists
Miss Diva 2014 finalists

Although, we have roughly assessed girls on the basis of the videos released, you may see them going up and down in coming reviews based on the upcoming activities. You can watch all the videos here Introduction of Miss Diva 2014 Contestants.

Here we present our first hand review of girls:

Vartika Singh: Very Beautiful girl. Seems dedicated and focused for the contest. However, what distracted us was how she was trying to recall all the introductory statements, which killed the spontaneity of the speech. One more thing, she needs to smile more as her beauty won’t be justified if she doesn’t smile, she gave little serious expression at a time for introductory video which is supposed to be a fun. We definitely see potential in this girl, so she is in our Gold Band.

Asha Bhat: What a beautiful voice. This girl surprised me the most, if there is a place for an underdog I will have to give it to her. Vibrant personality, very charming, focused, clear thoughts and communication. This is what the pageant needs now a day. However, still she would need grooming to be ready for Miss Universe as we find her more of Miss World beauty. We see her in our Gold Band presently.

Chahat Dalal: This girl as very sorted and good communication skills. However, she was speaking very fast which might be a problem if she reaches top 5 question answer round. She was moving her eyes to the corners which was little distracting. Has got potential to improve over a year. May be she can come back next year with more grooming. Presently, we see her in Bronze Band.

Lopamudra Raut: This girl has improved a lot since the time we saw her in Miss India 2014. Also, she was one of the top 5 which gives her an advantage in terms of experience. She is more lively now and has improved in terms of confidence and communications skills. We also liked how she responded to her bashers and notified them clearly that it takes more courage to participate than just comment while sitting at home. However, we can’t deny the fact that when you are competing at a national platform, and international once you win, you will be talk of every mouth, You just can’t shut mouths of people. Hence, you just need to take criticism which is constructive and move over to the destructive criticism. This is what Manasi did when she was bashed after winning Miss Diva 2013. Lopa is a pro, and twice win in Best body sub contest is also an advantage. Hence, we keep her in our Golden Band right now.

Minash Ravuthar: She reminds us a bit of Anukriti Gussain in the video. This girl has clear communications and is very bubbly at a time. We can see potential but needs more polishing. Presently we see her in our Silver Band.

Shreeradhe Khanduja: This girl speaks spontaneous but without much of expression which makes the speech dull. Beautiful face and beautiful smile. However, you can see that she is young not only by age but by experience. She needs more grooming. It hurts to put her in Bronze Band but this is where she fits presently.

Karanveer Kaur: She fumbled quite a few time, which might be a hurdle once she reaches the final question round, if at all. She is spontaneous still rehearsed. And her aim is more focused to be a TV actress which again is different from the real aim of Diva, i.e. to be Miss Universe. She is beautiful but little confused from what we could observed. If she really wants to win Miss Universe, she should make a comeback with proper grooming. We see her in Bronze Band.

Hida Siddique: She is beautiful like those of muslim retro movie stars, remember actress from Nikaah?. However, we find her very underconfident when she speaks in English and quite messed up with content. We suggest her to stick to Hindi, which even Manasi did at Miss Diva and she will be bang on. She also reminds us of a contestant from Miss India 2011 batch, Vidhi Bhardwaj. Presently, she is in our Golden Band.

Miss Diva 2014 finalists
Miss Diva 2014 finalists

Nidhi Agerwal: She reminds us of a better refined version of Tanvi Singla in terms of look. But she is very lack lusture while speaking. Although very spontaneous but energy needs to be worked upon. She is in our Bronze Band right now.

Alankrita Sahai: Bammmm…!!! This girl just won us over by her amazing personality. She is fun, she is mature and she knows why she is here. She is quite focused and determined on winning and the fact that she is unconventionally beautiful, westners will love her. It was cute how she was explaining the accent difference. She is very natural and spontaneous speaker. She is also one of the best bodies of the contest which again is an edge on the stage of Miss Universe. We see her in Golden Band right now.

Jyoti Rajput: Very young and fresh looking girl. She seems calm and composed and little charm of Manasi Moghe. However, she needs more polishing which she may get during the training period of Miss Diva. Presently she is in our Silver Band.

Monisha Ramesh: She is a pleasant surprise for us. She resembles to Miss Texas USA 2011 who was also into the Top 4 of Miss USA 2011 contest. Calm and composed while speaking, polishing can groom her better. Presently she is into our Silver Band right now.

Aishwariya Vhatka: Young, bubbly and sweet innocent looking girl she is. Spontaneous while speaking. However, we feel she might be overshadowed on the stage of Miss Universe. She can take time for more grooming and polish herself to pitch perfect to conquer the crown. She is a swing between Silver and Bronze band but we would keep her in Bronze band to give her a chance to show more improvement in coming days till finale.

Shivani Singh: Beautiful but lack of experience is quite visible. He speech was lacking the focus and core passion of winning the contest. It looked more of a fluke that she got a chance through campus princess. However, she can make a comeback as we feel that she can actually go high in this pageant. Presently she is in our Bronze Band.

Shruti Iyer: Remember, this girl is already Top 5 on I AM SHE 2010, which sent the winner to Miss Universe 2010. She spoke like a pro and was very very spontaneous. She had the energy and content. But what we feel she lacks is little freshness since Miss Universe now a days has moved onto fresh looking winners. However, we need to assess her more in coming days. Presently she is in our Silver Band.

Noyonita Lodh: This girl has got one of the best looking face which resembles to one of the Miss Universe winners, Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navaratte. However, her teeth needs immediate correction if she actually wants to stand out. Many people seem to like her and we also heard that people from USA are already putting her as their winner. We don’t mind her seeing her as the new Miss Diva as she is really one of the only few contestants here who is polished enough to compete at Miss Universe presently. We see her in our Gold Band.

Pic Courtesy: Miss Diva