TGPC’s TERRIFIC TEN – Miss America 2015 Pageant

Excitement is at its peak as within a week we will know who is winning Miss America 2015!
Excitement is at its peak as within a week we will know who is winning Miss America 2015!

Miss America finals are approaching and the excitement among the fans of this pageant is rising!  Although unconventional as compared to pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss USA, this pageant is very old and has made a unique place for itself.  Anyone who has seen Miss America telecast will agree that this pageant is fun to watch, and frankly much more fun than Miss World or Miss International or even Femina Miss India.  The girls are judged not just on the basis of how they look in swimsuit or evening gown, but also based on their talents!  For your information, this is how the new winner is chosen.

Finals Competition Scoring

The scoring for the Miss America Finals Competition is weighted accordingly:

  • Composite Score – 30% (Top 16)
  • Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit – 20% (Top 16)
  • Evening Wear – 20% (Top 10)
  • Talent – 30%  (Top 8)
  • On-Stage Question (Top 8)
  • Final Ballot – Each judge ranks the Top 5 contestants in the order he/she believes they should each finish.  The outcome of the pageant is based solely on the point totals resulting from the final ballot.
Nina Davuluri has had one of the most popular reigns as Miss America in recent years.
Nina Davuluri has had one of the most popular reigns as Miss America in recent years.

Last year the lucky girl was Nina Davuluri of New York.  Her win had created a buzz because she is of Indian origin.  In fact she danced on a popular Bollywood number in the finals.  There were many who bashed her on social media but she amazed the world with her grace and poignancy as she kept her held high no matter what.  Perhaps this is what Miss America is looking for – beautiful women who are well-educated, talented and want to make a difference in the society.

This year too has a very strong batch of girls and our experts have been eating their own heads as they pick their favourites.  After lots of discussions, they have come up with a list of 10 girls they feel can shine during the finals.  We call them TGPC’s Terrific Ten of Miss America 2015!  Let us meet these 10 sizzlers.

Spot No. 10 Miss Mississippi Jasmine Murray


Jasmine is in so many prediction lists among the top girls.  Her body is to die for and her face easily grabs your attention.  She is a vocalist and wants to become an anchor one day.

Spot No. 9 Miss Alabama Caitlin Brunnel


Caitlin comes across very genuine, kind and humble.  She has been among the most discussed delegates in the pageant this year.  Since long, many have been appreciating her for her qualities.  She wants to obtain a Master’s Degree in non-profit management.

Spot No. 8 Miss Florida Victoria Coven


We are looking forward to her lyrical dance in the finals. Her face is magnetic and she is definitely among the favorites of the photographers.  She wants to obtain a Master’s in Marketing.  If she wins, she will be very well-received for her attractive looks particularly.

Spot No. 7 Miss South Dakota Meridith Gould


Tall Meridith is very much in shape and has a bright look.  Her talent is dancing and she is wishing to create F.I.R.M. Foundations for Future: Financial Integrity & Responsibility through Mentorship.  She is regarded by many as one of the best faces of the pageant.

Spot No. 6 Miss Oklahoma Alex Eppler


Alex enjoys dancing and wants to obtain a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  Her striking looks will help her a lot in finals.  Her speaking skills are very good and many consider her a big favourite for the main title.

Spot No. 5 Miss New Jersey Cierra Kaler-Jones


Cierra is arguably the best black lady in the pageant.  She wants to obtain a doctorate to effect policy changes in education curriculum.  Her talent is contemporary dance.  In fact many feel she will be among the best girls in talent round.

Spot No. 4 Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart


Mackenzie wants to obtain a Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Sciences.  Her talent is ventriloquism.  Her unique talent can help her get noticed in the finals.  Her body and interview skills are appreciated by many.

Spot No. 3 Miss Nevada Ellie Smith


She is a doll!  One of the youngest girls in pageant, she speaks about bullying and how to stay above it.  She wants to become a broad-way performer.  Many consider her very mature for her age.  Our experts have played a little gamble here because not many fans have Nevada among their favorites.

Spot No. 2 Miss Kansas Amanda Sasek


Amanda wants to obtain a Ph.D. in political science.  Her talent is vocal and she wants to become a university professor.  Her best aspect is her strong beauty quotient.  Her interview skills are excellent.

Spot No. 1 Miss Texas Monique Evans


Monique wants to obtain a Osteopathic Medicine Degree.  She is into ballet and has a face which just grabs your attention instantly.  This natural beauty is often considered as the best dancer of the batch by many.

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Hoping for a brilliant winner next weekend!!

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