The Ultimate Genius Challenge Finale: Mrinalni Singh’s Verdict

Hello fellas,

Must be waiting for this moment, right??? Well, we have finally arrived to reveal the score of first round of the finale..!! Remember, one slip in any round can cost you the BIG win of this contest. So we believe you made sure that you submitted your best possible answers for the finale.

Mrinalni Singh with famous comedian Kiku
Mrinalni Singh with famous comedian Kiku

The first question was adjudged by a sexy, bold, confident and amazing personality. She is none other than lovely Mrinalni Singh. To all who doesn’t know ( We doubt though), Mrinalni has done pageants like I Am She, Indian Princess, Pantaloons Fresh Face, Miss Navy Queen, Miss Tourism International  Queen where she could earn the respectable placements. She also managed to win People’s Choice award at Indian Princess 2013 pageant.


Top 5

Top 5 Finalists of The Ultimate Genius Challenge
Top 5 Finalists of The Ultimate Genius Challenge

We asked all of our Top 5 contestants a common question:

“Famous writer Shobha De once created a buzz by saying that Chidambaram (the then finance minister of cabinet) is a very very sexy man. What is your definition of ‘sexy’?”

To which all the participants had given a really strong answers in their own way. Here they are in random order:

Answers of Top 5, in random order
Answers of Top 5, in random order

However, participants were not the only one who answered this, lets hear what Mrinalni said when she was asked this question.. 😛

Mrinalni Singh was also honored with an award for being People's Favourite to win Indian Princess 2013
Mrinalni Singh was also honored with an award for being People’s favourite to win Indian Princess 2013

Mrinalni: All the answers were fabulous, and I personally fell is being sexy is skin deep. It has nothing to do with looks. We can find someone extremely sexy when they start communicating with us, no matter good looks or not; like for and example, most of the young girls find men in there 40’s very sexy. Any guesses why??? Because they are comfortable in their own skin. The way they talk or behave has an ease. Hence I believe, be yourself and you’ll b sexy.

Mrinalni’s Verdict for the Participants Answers

4th Runners up: Iftekar Alam.

Sweet and simple answer to begin with. However, the answer couldn’t stand the momentum against the other four answers and hence I had to rank it 5th on my list.

3rd Runners up: Priyank Bhambhani.

2nd Runners Up: Adney Goncalves

Somehow I agree with this person when he made a point that being sexy is an integral part of looking beautiful (not just looks though) and I also found it funny how he mentioned ‘Naughtiness’, of course there is no sexy if there is no naughty. I wish I could rate him better but the other two were unbeatable.

 1st Runners Up: Lisbern Shawn.

This person hit bulls eyes very closely. And I also appreciate the fact that he applauded Shobha De for her daring statement. He also believes that Sexiness has nothing to do with looks and which I believe is extremely true, as mentioned in my answer. The person also seems matured from the content. However, although I had a hard time selecting winner and almost made a tie, but as your rules clearly mentioned No tie, I had to put him 2nd on my list.

Winner: Saloni Sharma.

I believe every one would agree with me making this answer as a winner answer. The person nailed simply on the basis of great articulation, sensible comment and a practical reason. The depth of the answer is so well communicated through magical sentences. The moment I read this answer, I was left with ‘Wow..!!!’. If she is a girl, I would suggest her to participate into pageants, this is the kind of  answer Miss India were famous back in 90’s. Congratulations….!!! Love you all.



Stay tuned for the release of results of next question on 16th July 2014.