The Ultimate Genius Challenge FINALS – Public Vote

So here we are!  In the final stages of The Ultimate Genius Challenge – season 1.  While our panel of judges comprising of national and international celebrities is busy picking their favorites, here is your chance to make your say heard!  Of course, we will not spoil your finger with a black mark nor will we make fake promises.  But yes, you will definitely like being a part of this fun thing we have going around.  And I guess fun is more fun than fake promises!  🙂  Your votes will count for 25 % of the final score.  And you can vote only once in an hour.  The restriction is ensured via IP/cookies level blocking.  So be assured of greater fairness in results!  You can vote up to 19th July 5 PM IST.

Ribbet collage

We asked our finalists the following question,

What is the best thing about The Great Pageant Community










The Poll is Closed.  


Please note:

  • Voting will determine 25 % results
  • One with highest votes will get 5 points, second highest gets 4 points, third highest gets 3 points and so on.
  • The points thus acquired will be added to points from the other judges.
  • Voting deadline: 19th July 5 PM IST