The Indian Game Changer: Shilpa Singh

A Brief:

October 2012:

“Guys, Urvashi got dethroned as Miss Universe India 2012.”
“WTF??? why?”
“Because of age issue and some contract with tourism pageant thing.”
“Who is representing India at Miss Universe then?”
“That first runners-up girl, Shilpa Singh.”
“Oh god, this can’t be true. India will go unplaced for the 5th time in a row now.”

 Shilpa as a show stopper in Neta Lula's Fashion Show

Shilpa as a show stopper in Neta Lula’s Fashion Show

Yes, this is a rough form of discussions that was happening across the globe when public’s favourite Urvashi Rautela was dethroned of her title and Shilpa was promoted to represent India at Miss Universe 2012. This led Shilpa to face heavy criticism from the fans, not because she didn’t deserve (Come on..!!! At least give a chance to prove) but because the girl who was over-hyped by everyone was dethroned. Shilpa barely had 3 months to prepare and the fact that she didn’t come from the pageant background where she knew what all were the criteria at Miss Universe pageant made it harder for her to get onto track fast. 

Shilpa in different rounds of Miss Universe 2012
Shilpa at  Miss Universe 2012, Las Vegas.

However, in the sorrow of Urvashi’s dethronement, people forgot to realize the strengths of Shilpa and underestimated her. To all who don’t know, Shilpa is a trained stage dancer and Engineering graduate, now you know where all brain came from in interviews?. She had performed many dances during college days which helped her gain an ease on the stage in front of mass. Shilpa did struggle to manage her act for Miss Universe preparation as she had to do all alone against the kinds of grooming and training Femina gives to their girls.

Shilpa enjoying with co-contestants at Miss Universe 2012
Shilpa enjoying with co-contestants at Miss Universe 2012

By the time she reached Vegas, she made buzz because of her remarkable improvement in mannerism, styling, body and postures. People started liking her to the level that many even said that they were glad having Shilpa as a representative and not Urvashi. The reason was her persistence, her confidence in the task she was doing. You could feel from her pics that his girl is not worried about what may come tomorrow, just live this moment and we’ll see the rest. She nailed each and every shot she gave during swimsuit photo shoot, evening gown photo shoot and her interview was so heartfelt yet funny. It made her look full of liveliness rather than dull and boring as many other girls. During prelim, Shilpa excelled in swimsuit like a veteran of the ramp. Although her gown was really bad for something as big as Miss Universe contest, she didn’t let that fact affect her performance. People started putting her in their Top 16 list and finally she was called in for the Top 16 in the finale. She ended the 4 years drought of India’s non-placement at Miss Universe. We also heard from some sources that the owner of Miss Universe, Mr. Donald Trump also made a comment saying, “Shilpa has been the most beautiful Miss India in recent years.” This girl might not have won in her time, but what she brought to India was a relief that India is not knocked out from the Map of Miss Universe. The legacy was carried over by another stunner, Manasi Moghe in 2013. Let’s see what 2014 unfolds.

Well, the good news for all the participants of ‘The Ultimate Genius Challenge’ is that Shilpa Singh, Miss Universe India 2012, is one of the jury members for our contest. She will be judging  the 5 best refined talent of pageantry for their answer to a question.  Stay tuned for the results till then..!!!