The Ultimate Genius Challenge – Episode 6

Episode 5 was repeat of episode 2 – a debutante came and won it all!  We got two more semi-finalists in the names of Smit & Lisbern.  Saloni solidified her first place.  As we declared before, this may be the last prelim episode.  Unless there is a notable rise in the number of entries, we will not stick to our original plan of 8 prelim episodes.  The final call will be taken on coming sunday.  If you want to play this game for more time, please share this post to your friends and encourage them to participate!  All of us have been having some serious fun here! 😀


Outline of the Format

  • In this season, we will have total 8 or 10 episodes – 6 or 8 prelims, 1 Semi-final and 1 Final.
  • The winners & 1st Runner-ups of the prelims will compete in Semi-Final for 2 spot in Finals.
  • The 2 leaders of the leader-board at the end of 6 or 8 episodes will get the remaining spots in the finals.

Maximum length of answers must be 300 characters (including spaces).  Entries with greater lengths will be considered invalid.

Rules & Regulations

  • Answer only as a comment to the official episode post in website (here)
  • Good grammar, complete spellings and overall presentation will also be considered.  But the main parameter of judgement will be content.
  • Answers on posts in social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be considered
  • Answers accepted only in English
  • Maximum length 300 characters (including spaces)
  • Entries to be submitted within prescribed time-limit
  • Winner to be announced post the deadline to submit entries
  • Judges’ decision is final
  • We operate as per IST

Hall Of Fame

  • EP01 – Winner: Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Priyank B, 2nd Runner-up Kartik Behl
  • EP02 – Winner: Ankit Bhatt, 1st Runner-up: Saloni Sharma, 2nd Runner-up Adney G
  • EP03 – Winner Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Ankit Bhatt, 2nd Runner-up Priyank B, 3rd Runner-up Smit Nikam, 4th Runner-up Iftekar Alam
  • EP04 – Winner Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up Adney G, 2nd Runner-up Smit Nikam, 3rd Runner-up Juan Spain, 4th Runner-up Kartik Behl
  • EP05 – Winner Lisbern Shawn, 1st Runner-up Smit Nikam, 2nd Runner-up Saloni Sharma, 3rd Runner-up Juan Spain, 4th Runner-up Shobin Krishna

Current Leader-board



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  1. Greetings
    I won’t define self obsession.. Everyone knows it. But I know a word ‘balance’. Too much is just as bad as too little. Self obsession remains an essential part of one’s growth.

  2. Obsession of anything is never good! Its good to be active on social media to stay connected,updated, entertained but virtual world shouldn’t take over your real world.Love yourselves but don’t go self obsessed. World is more than just YOU & is too beautiful to be overlooked
    Lets not miss a moment!

  3. Greetings Everyone
    Self-obsession erstwhile is a framework for aplomb.
    But eventually it accelerates social shunning that guides oneself towards corrosive results, which are conceived, when sand runs out of hands. Hence i would say that being self-obsessed isn’t of more worth.
    Thank you 🙂

  4. The social media is a blessing for our generation. However, there is a fine line dividing self-obsession from being updated. Being updated is essential but for being self-obsessed, I prefer that your looks or personality or achievements should speak for itself louder than mere pictures and posts

  5. We have become a culture that is obsessed with updating Facebook Statuses, posting selfies etc. when obsessed with social media, there is a possibility of losing touch with the actual world. Virtual world has made us restricted to just us and the computer and in no ways it can be considered as okay.

  6. Self obsession would be loving
    oneself as per my opinion.It is the
    unconditional love for oneself.It is
    the first step in loving life.When you
    accept yourself the way you are and
    love yourself,you are learning.

  7. Social media helps us to express what we feel and in my opinion Self obsession would be loving
    oneself.It is the
    unconditional love for oneself.It is
    the first step in loving life.When you
    accept yourself the way you are and
    love yourself,you are learning.There is no harm in it.

  8. Social media is a place where one get interacted with one another, in such a place you can’t be self obsessed and we are one belonging to this particular generation where we could’nt get nothing without interaction so it would be better we are not self obsessed
    Thank you

  9. Being self obsessed is advantageous for creative persons.It will give them unlimited inspiration for touching the unknown horizons of imagination.All great achievements in this world has come from self obsessed persons.If exceeds the limits it is counter-productive.

  10. Self obsessed means exclusively concerned with one self, and I am definitely for the motion..It gives you stability in an unpredictable world..Being obsessed doesnt make you hedonistic..For many you can have a pragmatic personality for others they can sulk..

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