Miss Universe 2014 Hotpicks June Edition


Maria Gabriela Isler ~Miss Universe 2013.
Maria Gabriela Isler ~Miss Universe 2013.

46 out of 90 countries have crowned their delegates for Miss Universe 2014, which means we have crossed half way mark for Miss Universe 2014 contestants!  There hasn’t been any major change in our favorites so far; we hope that we get to see many more stunners from remaining countries.

Presenting our TOP 15 for the month of June 2014.


Netherlands~Yasmin Verheijen.


Yasmin has a classy middle eastern look, which will help her stand out from rest of the competition.  Flawless skin & great smile add to her beauty!  Her draw back is her weight – she needs to work on her body.


Slovak Republic~Silvia Prochádzková.

Slovak Republic

She might the best delegate sent by Slovak Republic in years!  Silvia is a sex-siren.  Her body is VaVaVoom!  Her face is just gorgeous.  All she needs is to find the right styling for her.


Great Britain~Grace Levy.


Grace has been trying her national pageant since 2012 & finally she won in 2014.  She can totally continue the semi-streak for Great Britain.  She has pageant experience which will help her during MU.


Czech Republic~Gabriela Franková.

Czecjh Republic

Gabriela looks like royalty.  Her face alone can land her in the semis of Miss Universe.  She has a great body & charming personality.  We hope Czech Republic will be called into the Semis this year!


 Mexico~Josselyn Garciglia.


Josselyn emerged victorious in one of the toughest batches of Nuestra Belleza  Mexico.  She is smart  & beautiful -one of the very few contestants who fit the bill as per what the Miss Universe Organization is looking in for their next Miss Universe title holder!


Gabon~Maggaly Nguema.


The best black girl so far!  She has been holding her ground firm against other contestants.  She needs to work on her skin & tone her body li’l bit to edge out the fierce latinas.


Indonesia~Elvira Devinamira.


Elvira has been trained by Pageant Guru Ines Ligron.  Her face is so versatile – she looks sweet & sexy.  She was invited by Miss Universe Organization in New York to attend a charity gala alongside the reigning Miss Universe & Miss USA 2013.  So far she is the torch bearer for the weak Asian Contingent at Miss Universe 2014.


Puerto Rico~Gabriela Berrios.

Puerto RicoShe may not be as pretty as Monic Perez but she is as fierce as Zulekya Rivera!  Gabriela is a performer.  She has been trying her luck at pageants since long & had ended up as 1st Runner Up in 2012, where she was selected to represent Puerto Rico at Supranational.  She was in the top 10 there.  We believe she is the dark horse of the competition & can pull off a major surprise.


Costa Rica~Karina Ramos.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been sending stunning ladies in past couple of years to Miss Universe & this year is no exception.  Karina has a “sweet girl next door” aura.  She also competed in Miss Supranational 2012, where she was in top 20.  We feel she will place really high during Miss Universe finale.


Ukraine~Anna Andres.


Anna is a successful model & without a doubt the sexiest girl in Miss Universe 2014 edition so far!  Her body & face are perfection – you can’t find a single flaw.  She will be a treat to watch during MU season, maybe the winner of Miss Photogenic award!


Russia~Yulia Alipova.

RussiaFor the first time in History, Miss World & Miss Universe dates might clash.  Yulia has to represent Russia at both the pageants, so she has to choose between Miss World & Miss Universe.  We suggest she should go for Miss Universe rather than World – her beauty & personality will be appreciated more at Miss Universe than at Miss World.


Serbia~Andjelka Tomasevic.


Andjelka is the face of the pageant.  Her beauty is so serene that you can watch her face for hours without blinking your eyes. Can she give Serbia it’s first ever Miss Universe crown?


South Africa~Rolene Strauss.

South Africa

Pageant fans are scratching their heads thinking which pageant will this super beauty select to compete – will it be Miss World or Miss Universe? We wish she chooses Miss Universe as we want to see her wearing the diamond nexus crown rather than the blue Miss World crown!  She might be the only girl who is a front runner at both pageants at this stage!


USA~Nia Sanchez.


So far her journey as Miss USA has been filled with allegations.  Nia knows how to shut her critics’ mouths very well.  Many are expecting a sandwich victory (a repeat of 1995,96,97)  for USA & no one should be surprised if it happens as Nia is a performer & stage Diva.


Colombia~Paulina Vega.


She was our No#1  & she will remain our number 1 for a long time.  Everything about this girl is “wow”.  She is the most perfect delegate so far!  Her only drawback is that her organization doesn’t support her financially, so she has to invest herself.  Let’s hope some business organization in Colombia comes ahead to help her, as it will a shame to see a girl of her caliber to clap at Miss Universe!