The Ultimate Genius Challenge – Episode 4

One thing you can expect for sure from TGPC is integrity.  Since we promise that an episode or say results will be on this particular day, we stick to it! 🙂


Outline of the Format

  • Total 10 episodes – 8 prelims, 1 Semi-final and 1 Final.
  • The winners of the prelims will compete in Semi-Final for 2 spot in Finals.
  • The 2 leaders of the leader-board at the end of 8 episodes will get the remaining spots in the finals.

Maximum length of answers must be 300 characters (including spaces).  Entries with greater lengths will be considered invalid.

Rules & Regulations

  • Answer only as a comment to the official episode post in website (here)
  • Answers on posts in social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be considered
  • Answers accepted only in English
  • Maximum length 300 characters (including spaces)
  • Entries to be submitted within prescribed time-limit
  • Winner to be announced post the deadline to submit entries
  • Judges’ decision is final
  • We operate as per IST

Hall Of Fame

  • EP01 – Winner: Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Priyank B, 2nd Runner-up Kartik Behl, 3rd Runner-up Smit Nikam, 4th Runner-up Iftekar Alam
  • EP02 – Winner: Ankit Bhatt, 1st Runner-up: Saloni Sharma, 2nd Runner-up Adney G, 3rd Runner-up Arjun Rathod, 4th Runner-up Kartik Behl
  • EP03 – Winner Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Ankit Bhatt, 2nd Runner-up Priyank B, 3rd Runner-up Smit Nikam, 4th Runner-up Iftekar Alam

Current Leader-board



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  1. My Message would be,

    “Thanks for bringing up new hope which was dying in the public. You have proved your mettle by being a CM of my state and I am sure that you are going to repeat the legacy at national level as well. You motivated me by winning the poll this year and now it’s our turn to bring in the change and MODIfy the country.”

  2. Namaste NaMo Ji
    m bhagyshali hu ki ishwrne muje apke sanidhya m bharat ko firse wahi sone ki chidhiya bnte dekhne ka moka prdan kiya h
    ap bharat ki seva m smpurn rup se smrpit h iska apke sbhi deshwasiyon ko garv h
    apke hr path pr m apka anuyayi bankar rhun esi hi ishwr se prarthna krta hu
    Jai Hind

    • I have replied in English alphabets using Hindi sentences because NaMo Ji – Mr. Narendra Modi – PM of My Country(INDIA) , prefers in bringing back the pride of our National Language(Hindi) and so had made it the official Language too
      & as i had to send message to Him, i used Hindi language.

      but for those who are not from INDIA i m translating my answer as below

      Greetings Mr. Narendra Modi
      I consider myself lucky as Almighty gave me a chance to see INDIA becoming the GOLDEN BIRD in ur leadership
      Ur full dedication in service of our Nation makes all the INDIANS feel proud on u
      I pray to god that in each n every path of urs i be ur follower
      Long Live INDIA

  3. Respected PM, I believe u’ll do ur best to live upto all general expectations.
    As sports fan I’d request u to bring sports on national agenda. Sports bounds d world, reflects strength of a nation, whole world can cheer for a country. Only sports can do that!
    Lets become d next sporting powerhouse!

  4. Hon’ble PM, plz make sure dat no citizen sleeps hungry & homeless. Like every drop of water every citizen is important! Make sure dat every woman & child is safe. Let ALL enjoy equal RIGHTS
    Let’s bring back the glory days! We hv faith in u. Let’s make whole world proud of our land again! Jai Hind!

  5. Adorned with jewels as it may seem to be,a king’s throne comes with a big onus to ameliorate the nation’s economy,protect its social fabric & cultural heritage & act like an aegis against any assault to the motherland.To serve humanity is to revere God.Mr. Modi,please handle this mosaic carefully.:)

    • P.S. Mosaic (art or painting made of small tiles or glass or colored stone) here refers to India, which has a diversity of so many races, religions, color.

  6. I would request u to make india a bettr place to live.plz make us free frm d shackles of bondages try nd make r nation soar higher. uplift d condition of women in our on every plate nd smile on every face.ocean of love to u

  7. I honor you your highness,please keep inspiring people,always keep that smile on your face,make others smile,you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their lives at that moment,coz “PEACE BEGINS WITH A SMILE”…

  8. Dear Mr. PM, We a flock of 1 billion plus sheep look up to you as our able shepherd, guiding us away from Wolf-ly wraths of corruption, poverty and guiding us into greener pastures of employment and peace. Show us the right direction so we may lead to greater glory.

  9. Realize that its democracy& slogan to people forpeople of people you need not sacrifice ur life for yur people but dnt even think to danzer ones life have a sight of equality for women mother and mother land need nt enrich the society but don’t dare to touch its heritage

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