Quick-Review: Miss USA 2014 Question And Answer Round

We think that Miss USA always comes up with a really good Q/A round.  One reason is that questions are mostly challenging and often related to current affairs.  Second reason is that generally the girls who answer the best end up winning, unlike few other pageants which seem to have Q/A rounds just for the sake of formality.

One new thing we saw this year was that as the girls answered, their parents stood at back-stage and we saw how they felt about the answers!  This was so Miss Universe 1990s!  We like this and it would be nice to see the same at Miss Universe this year.

The Top 6 finalists who competed in this round were the girls from Georgia, Nevada, Iowa, North Dakota, Louisiana and Florida.

Video Courtesy : Kelly Ballroom on Youtube

Iowa was first and asked whether young Americans have become Narcissists.  Miss Iowa surprisingly said yes and added that she feels so because young Americans are often taking ‘selfies’ and sharing on social media!  

While this might be what Iowa really felt, but she could have remembered that she is on a pageant stage and positive words are expected from her.  An intelligent answer to this question could be – NO!  I think young Americans are becoming more confident and individualistic.  They like to be themselves and flaunt it, which I think is a sign of confidence.  Something positive of this nature would have helped her gain good scores.  With the answer she gave, we were pretty sure she is going to be the 5th runner-up!

North Dakota was asked if college degrees should be pursued or not, since they are costly and anyway jobs are difficult.  Audra spoke quite confidently and there was flow in her speech.  The only missing thing was the actual point.  She said that it is important to go to college.  She acknowledged that many people of her parents’ time achieved success without degrees and that college degrees don’t guarantee jobs, but still one should take them.  

Now Audra my dear, why din’t you give some positive answer to this?  As in, why din’t you add some positive points to what you believed.  She could have added that college education is not just about getting jobs, it helps everyone in their personal development and growth.  It helps us build our networks and in socialization.  Even if there are no job guarantees, college education is a wonderful thing and should be pursued by all.  This was for sure not a winning answer, and we knew there would be someone who could and perhaps would out-do this.

Florida was asked what exactly sets her apart.  She appreciated the other girls and said that she is bringing something new to the table.  She wants to win this for her dad whom she lost due to a particular disease – she wants to spread awareness about it and raise money once she wins Miss USA.  

While she spoke this really fast and the answer had valid points, we have to say that she din’t really look very beautiful while she delivered her answer.  She said the right things and even in the right ways, but somehow din’t make the “winner” kind of impression.  We knew she wasn’t going to be the 5th runner-up and nor would be in the Top 2.  Well, she did her personal best for sure.

Next was Nevada.  Her question was not easy.  About 19 % women in college get assaulted and it never comes out.  What can be done about this?  She said colleges try to protect their reputations and girls should learn self-defense mechanisms to protect themselves.

It really seemed as if the question was coined for Nevada.  Her strength is her black-belt and she got the chance to speak about it.  Although question was in two parts, she answered both confidently and made her points.  We knew this could be the winning answer and it was obviously best one by then.

Host girl Louisiana was asked whether USA policy of leaving no soldier in foreign land was valid, citing recent example of few terrorists being freed in lieu of a soldier.  Louisiana said that she was glad the guy was back but she din’t think the country should give in to terrorists.  Then she repeated the same line.  

Frankly it was delivered well and the audiences applauded.  She spoke it confidently and assertively, although let’s face it – there was no solid point.  She din’t take a particular side nor did she back the decision up.  A good answer could be – I think this is appropriate because the lives of our soldiers are very important.  They give up a lot for our country and they deserve to be protected and supported always.  OR I think that the prisoners shouldn’t have been released and perhaps some other way could have been explored to get our guy back.  Nothing is impossible!  

Georgia was asked to say whatever she wants to leaders of our country in 30 seconds.  She said, he should lead the country by faith.  She prays for them and feels that if all work together, they can be more effective.  

Honestly Tiana was a little nervous.  It was obvious in her body language.  Her answer wasn’t bad.  It was a 3rd or 4th placement kind of answer.  A good answer could be – I would thank the leaders because of what they have been doing for our country.  The country has for sure progressed in recent years in terms of security, health-care, education, opportunities – Our America is becoming better every passing day!

By this time, it was clear to us that Nevada would win.  She was the only girl who had a good delivery and made good points.  Next could be North Dakota, Georgia & Florida.  While ND had a good delivery, Florida had good points and Georgia was decent in both. Our rankings were Nevada, North Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Iowa.

The actual rankings were: Nevada, North Dakota, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa.  Perhaps Louisiana got the home-girl advantage and Georgia placed higher due to better overall impression.

Conclusively, it was a good round.  Let’s hope the same in Miss Universe too!!