Miss USA 2014: Top 10 in Swimsuit Shoot

Swimsuit shot of Miss USA 2014 are out. In contrast to the Fadil shot, many girl went down into our list and many climbed the leaderboard so high, from no where. Most of the girls lacked the definition of fit body, however considering the time they have got to prepare for Miss Universe 2014, we believe that most of them are workable. The best thing most of them have potential to work it out, only a few are beyond capability.

Here we present our Top 10 for the Swimsuit:

(Top 5: Minnesota, Kentucky, Connecticut, Oregon, Maine)
(Top 5: Minnesota, Kentucky, Connecticut, Oregon, Maine)

1) Minnesota: Minnesota exudes the oomph factor that is need in any swimsuit pic. She just nailed it with her sexy stare and messy hair.

2) Kentucky: Kentucky jumped here out of no where. She has got perfectly toned body, however the shot is not taken in proper angle. This girl can really channel a Nicole Faveron , Miss peru universe 2012, in the finale.

3) Connecticut: The more we see her pics, the more we start believing that she might bring a back to back to the Connecticut. That smile itself is enough to put her in Top 5 and adding to that, her facial charm and well defined body is like an icing on the cake.

4) Oregon: Oregon is an another stunner that is killing the game silently and is making her move upward. She nailed it at Fadil Shot, Evening Gown and now in Swimsuit as well. The only girl to be in Top 5 everywhere. We believe she should definitely be in Top 5 of the actual competition as well.

5) Maine: Again a surprise package, decent face and a slender frame of the body. May be the blonde sexiness factor is working here. She looks very lovely in this shot and is definitely a one to watch out during the swimsuit round.

(5th-10th: Alabama, Iowa, California, New Jersey, Alaska)
(5th-10th: Alabama, Iowa, California, New Jersey, Alaska)

6) Alabama: One of the best faces of the competition, Alabama had a little weaker body compared to the Top 5 mentioned above. However, we are sure that in motion she will work it out and it’s not advisable to knock her out from the list. Her face saves all the game. 

7) Iowa: Define Voluptuous, it’s IOWA. Yes, this cute charming face has got a voluptuous body which can change the climate  during swimsuit round. She is HOT, HOT and HOT…!!! Definitely a one to watch out closely.

8) California: Another voluptuous body, but need to tone down in certain areas. California’s face and body would certainly be a bang on with the other 19 girls competing in the Top 20 during the finale on 8th June.

9) New Jersey: Emily worked this time with a perfect balance of pose, body and face make up. She may not have the best face out there but she does have one of the best bodies and that X-factor that will help her to go far in the competition.

10) Alaska: She is tall, she is beautiful and she has that run way model frame that sometimes can certainly do very well in pageants, for e.g. Marigona Dragusha, Rachael Finch, Riyo Mori etc. Her placement needs to be decided once her prelim is done but she will be in our radar for sure.


Check out all the girls in their swimsuit: