The Ultimate Genius Challenge – Episode 3

“Joy is in the journey” – We believe in this and hence we consider this season to be a big success already!  We are enjoying it and so are you!  Thank you so much for the warm reception.  🙂  Here we are back with the third episode!


Outline of the Format

In this season, we will have total 10 episodes – 8 prelims, 1 Semi-final and 1 Final.  The winners of the prelims will compete in Semi-Final for 2 spot in Finals.  The 2 leaders of the leader-board at the end of 8 episodes will get the remaining spots in the finals.  In fact, even the winners of the prelims should participate in remaining prelim episodes (try winning multiple times) so that they top the leader-board at the end of prelims and get direct entries to finals!

Maximum length of answers must be 300 characters (including spaces).  Entries with greater lengths will be considered invalid.

Rules & Regulations

  • Answer only as a comment to the official episode post in website (here)
  • Answers on posts in social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be considered
  • Answers accepted only in English
  • Maximum length 300 characters (including spaces)
  • Entries to be submitted within prescribed time-limit
  • Winner to be announced post the deadline to submit entries
  • Judges’ decision is final
  • We operate as per IST

Hall Of Fame

  • EP01 – Winner: Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Priyank B, 2nd Runner-up Kartik Behl
  • EP02 – Winner: Ankit Bhatt, 1st Runner-up: Saloni Sharma, 2nd Runner-up Adney G

Current Leader-board

2nd LB


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  1. GE1
    I wld say NO
    litracy is being aware of strategical,social,statistical logics & issues of livelihood which cn b posessed by a “panchwi paas” 2
    in indian histry litrate & illitrate joined hands 2gader fr 2 form India’s its own governance saying “of us,by us,for us” in which “by” stands for both

  2. Literacy is can make a person a human but may or maynt a leader,a leader comes from people for people he shouldn’t be selfish and when come to politics educated lacks experience where as illitrate gains it

  3. well,da vry def of an illiterte is a persn hu cnt read or write.& as far as senr positns in govt is considrd,1 mst nevr frget dat india is 1 of the largst cntries in terms’f poplatn & area.& v need a govt, dat wud help us develp da nation n tak it frwd.& evnif em nt agnst da concpt of chosin sm1 on da basis’f 1s abilty alon,i wud rathr say dat a min elgbilty mst b requird.atlst till da levl’f std 10?Coz v mst nvr frget dt eductn nly empwrs.

  4. well..the very definition of an illiterate is a person who cant read or write..or someone who has no formal education…
    and as far as senior positions in government is considerd, we must nevr forget dat, india is 1 of the largest countries in the wrld in terms of population and area..and we need a govt and the required employees in it, dat wud help us develop the nation, and take it to a higher level…and although iam not against the common notion of choosing somone on the basis of ones ability alone…i wud rather say that a minimum eligibility must be required…atleast till the level of standrd 10…?And then give maximum importance to ones capability..Coz we must nevr forget that education only empowers..

  5. Yes.Like a fish can’t be judged by its ability to climb a tree,a person can’t be judged by academics.However,I believe that while experience makes 1 wise & tactful,Education empowers 1 to use their experience in an adroit manner.An enlightened torch bearer is the harbinger of progress for a nation.

  6. Yu may become intelligent and big source if yur educated but yu need experience and zeel to be politition education teaches yu borders in life but to be polition sometimes yu need to cross thouse so no matter of illiterates as they have more than education ie experience

  7. Gm! I know democracy & I favor it. Here I Quote Radhakrishnan, “The end product of education should be a free creative man”. For me, literacy imparts ‘the ability to express’ & advancing for greater good using this expression is a step to be a good leader. If this belief is the law, I’ll favor it.

  8. Absolutely not,my culture taught me abt equality,so I don’t believe in the concept of literate n illiterate.As long as that person has an honest heart to inspire people’s mind,thaughts,their actions.i think that is most important,THANK YOU

  9. In a country like ours, people who suffer the most are illiterates, but i believe if given power they can solve their own problems, so i think they should be given a chance, coz we have seen literates holding high posts but acting totally un-educated.

  10. “The law is reason free from passion”
    I disagree with the above statement. .more than being literate its your experience that makes or breaks iitian like kejriwal fell flat on his face while dealing with a nation nd a less learned person lik mr modi did a swell job in upgrading gujrat..laws shud be for d bettertment not to cut you short..

  11. There is difference between literate & high educated.
    I believe capability of a person can’t b judged by the degree he holds.
    If a Harvard degree holder can’t develop the nation faster for being undeserving and if a less educated but literate is capable to, then why he shouldn’t be given a chance?

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