The Ultimate Genius Challenge – Episode 2

Thank you so much everyone for the support that you have extended to this new venture of The Great Pageant Community.  We are extremely grateful to all those who participated in the first episode.  It is fulfilling to know that all of them enjoyed the game and showed willingness to participate in the coming episodes.

In this season, we will have total 10 episodes – 8 prelims, 1 Semi-final and 1 Final.  The winners of the prelims will compete in Semi-Final for 1 spot in Finals.  The leader of the leader-board at the end of 8 episodes will get the second spot in the finals.  In fact, even the winners of the prelims should participate in remaining prelim episodes (try winning multiple times) so that they top the leader-board at the end of prelims and get a direct entry to finals!

Maximum length of answers must be 300 characters (including spaces).  Entries with greater lengths will be considered invalid.

With such clear format which encourages not just those who decided to participate at any given time in the middle of the season but also appreciates those who constantly stick with the game, we are expecting this season to be a total party.  Please, please be a part of it! 🙂

Episode 2 question:-


Rules & Regulations

  • Answer only as a comment to the official episode post in website (here)
  • Answers on posts in social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be considered
  • Answers accepted only in english
  • Maximum length 300 characters (including spaces)
  • Entries to be submitted within prescribed time-limit
  • Winner to be announced post the deadline to submit entries
  • Judges’ decision is final
  • We operate as per IST

Hall Of Fame

  • EP01 – Winner: Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Priyank B, 2nd Runner-up Kartik Behl

Current Leader-board