Miss USA

Miss USA 2014: Departure and Arrival pics

Erin Brady, Miss USA 2013 winner

Erin Brady, Miss USA 2013 winner


Miss USA 2014 is round the corner and the 51 beauties are gearing up to give their best in order to conquer the once in a lifetime chance to win the title of Miss USA 2014. A total of 51 stunners from different corners of USA shall be competing for the crown and the one who will battle out all other 50 contestants on 8th June 2014 shall be crowned as the new Miss USA. Although, TGPC team had revealed their Early Top 5 for Miss USA 2014 few weeks back, we won’t be surprised if someone out of this 5 girls take away all the limelight. The last 2 years’ winners have never been in radar that much during their time. Here we present you the hometown departure and pageant venue arrival pics of contestants. Tell us who is your favourite and whom do you think should win Miss USA 2014 by casting you important vote for People’s Choice Award

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