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Miss USA 2014: TGPC People’s Choice Award


Erin Brady, Miss USA 2014

Erin Brady, Miss USA 2014

The day has come when all the Miss USA 2014 contestants shall be facing each other in real time. Yes, tomorrow is the day when all the contestants shall arrive at Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the contest. The finale shall take place on 8th June where Top 15 shall compete in Swimsuit , Evening gown and Interview round. The winner of the contest shall represent USA in Miss Universe 2014.

TGPC People's Choice Award

TGPC People’s Choice Award

We shall be providing you instant updates of Miss USA 2014 contest on our Facebook page and various reviews and hotpicks on our blog. Hence, as a coverage media, we would like to take this opportunity of deciding the Voice of People‘ by releasing ‘TGPC People’s Choice Award’.  Remember the importance of people’s choice can’t be neglected, our past winner of people’s choice winner have done great in the competition, obviously the mileage and support always help girls to do better. The winner of the poll shall get an exclusive chance to feature in our editions and shall be entitled to a special promotion, should she win Miss USA. The deadline for the voting is 7th June, USA Standard Time. Remember, Every vote shall get 1 point and every comment on the pic of contestants shall get 3 points (Even if the comment is not in the support of the contestant). The Winner shall be determined with the highest combined scores. You can vote as many times as you want and also as many contestants as you like in one shot. No restrictions..!!!

Here we present you the 51 stunning ladies of USA competing for the one ultimate crown and title of Miss USA 2014.

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  1. It’s not that Miss WV was being spammed, were just a very supportive state. Sorry your state sucks.

  2. Go Miss WV.! It’s not spammers. It’s unlimited voting. You could have done for your candidate what WV did for Miss WV. Vote!

  3. Alabama is my pick she is very classy and beautiful! Stop the spammers in the vote that’s brutal !

  4. The Alabama is by far The most stunning contestant you have. her soft spoken demeanor is so lovable. She is passionate as she is kind and graceful like no other. She is definitely my pic for the win 🙂

  5. I Love Miss West Virginia. She shows class, you can tell by the way she looks in her photos. You can’t buy what comes natural, just like she was so comfortable in her interview. If you want a spokesperson to represent Miss USA, then Charisse, Miss West Virginia USA is your Girl! She has it all, DID I mention she is drop dead GORGEOUS? ……………………Go West Virginia!!!!!

  6. Miss West Virginia looked so good…if she doesn’t win, something is wrong in the pageant system……….

  7. I think Miss West Virginia is absoutly beautiful! I hope and prayer she makes it to the finals….then they crown her with Miss USA!!! She really deserve it!!! So I’m putting all of my faith into her. She is such a sweet person. I don’t know her personnaly but on Facebook if you had a conversation with her then u would think you’ve known her your whole life! Good Luck Miss West Virginia!!!

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