Will Narendra Modi live upto the Hype?

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Ok, so tomorrow is the D-Day? Well, this will certainly be a history in making because Narendra Modi will officially be taking the throne of Prime minister of India tomorrow and people will be eager to watch his performance in the new phase as a PM. The election for the selection of new PM of India concluded on 16th May 2014 with BJP winning the majority of seats, 282 alone, and acquired the rights to form the government. Narendra Modi won this election with a huge margin leaving behind their strongest competitors Congress and AAP. The results were kind of obvious and it looked that the election was just being held to decide who comes second, on a lighter note. The wave created by Mr. Modi in this year’s election  were so powerful that even the meme were created everyday with a slogan of ‘Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar (This time, Modi Government)’. 

Narendra Modi at Tirumala Temple

Narendra Modi at Tirumala Temple

Mr. Modi has been one of the most successful and longest serving CMs of Gujarat, 2001-2014. His win comes as no surprise because the numbers in Gujarat speaks volume in itself. The growth in economic rate, buildings and structural development, dams project, non-stop supply of water and electricity in villages, proper roads and street lights etc have become very common in Gujarat. Modi must have realized that this was his moment to bounce high now and to serve the nation in a similar way at bigger scale and well it worked out in his favour.

Our main point would now be to wonder if all the hype will allow Modi to concentrate on work with the same efficiency?

Will he be able to deliver or will be vanished?

Will he be able to live upto the people’s expectations and hype or he will fade away with time?

Will he be a worthy enough to make a history to be a chapter in the books of coming generations just like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa are today?

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