5 things you should never do at Beauty Pageants.

Ok, this is just gotta be on lighter note. A serious advice to you all is not to take the words seriously.. 😛

Many would have told you, if you are a beauty pageant aspirant, regarding what to do, how to do and all blah blah. Here we take an opportunity to tell you what all not to do and what may happen if you still do it…!!!

  1. Never try to be ‘Mother Teresa’:

Mother Teresa

Gone are the days when the likes of Mother Teresa used to win the contest. Assume you are in the final round, you were asked,

‘What do we need most in the world today?’

and if you answer ‘World Peace’ then congrates, because you are the winner (Although back in 80’s). Or let’s just say you were asked, ‘Who is your role model?’ and you happen to answer, ‘Mother Teresa. Because she liked to help poor and I like to help poor too. I want to change this world by my social cause’, you would probably have been considered the most humane winner back then. But, oh well, guys we are into 21st century where people are smart enough to not like those cheesy answers. They do understand that if you really are Mother Teresa then you would not be in this contest at first place and mother Teresa can’t be replicated. One of the classiest cases would be the answer of one of the contestants in Miss India 2000, Savy; who was extremely beautiful but her answer ruined her chances of getting into the top 5 or be a Miss India winner.

Although, there is no denial that still many contestants with golden heart are found in pageants but don’t over exaggerate that. Just be yourself and the glory will come on its own.

  1. Never try to think of some great answer if you can’t do it rapidly:


Yes, this has made many beautiful ladies lose the game at the last moment. This happens when you are given some simple question and you try to match your answer with some quotes or with some great beginning but you then end up messing the whole answer. This is what happened with Monica Spear, Late Miss Venezuela 2004, when she tried answering something very strong but later on got confused in her own answer. The dissatisfaction was quite evident on her face after finishing the answer. Many claimed that she got confused due to trying to answer in English but her answer was much more sensible in terms of English language. She struggled with content and not the language.

This also happened with Namrata Shirodkar, Miss India Universe 1993, who tried to quote something great, just like Marlyn Monroe, in her Top 6 interview but ended up speaking something which made no sense in practical life. In fact this was the quote that nobody would ever like to repeat anywhere.

What we suggest is that participants need to understand that you won’t win until and unless you stop hampering your chance. Always keep your answer straight forward, simple and genuine. This is what sells now a day in pageants.

  1. Don’t try to be a Model:


Yes, this is where many participants has failed in past where they tried doing pageants with quality of portraying a model. We are not talking about looks, but the dead zombie walk with no facial expression on ramp will do no good. When you are on stage, you should lighten it up with your smile and energy that you feel like this is the ONLY moment when people are going to note you.

Miss Ethiopia at miss Universe 2006 Swimsuit round
Miss Ethiopia at miss Universe 2006 Swimsuit round

If we talk about Miss Universe 2006, Miss Ethiopia, who was shockingly a Top 20 finalist, did the same mistake which made her out of the game once the Top 10 were declared. She walked like she didn’t want to walk at first place. No energy, no charm and no WALK..!!! Compare her with Miss Puerto Rico’s walk and you would see 2 extremes of pageant walk.

  1. Don’t try to impress judges by speaking English, if you aren’t fluent:
Claudia Moreno and Irene Esser answering final Question at Miss Universe 2000 and 2012
Claudia Moreno and Irene Esser answering final Question at Miss Universe 2000 and 2012

If you think English impresses judges the most, then you are wrong. In recent years, most of the notable pageant winners have come from countries which don’t speak English and they answered their final question in their native languages only. In past, English speaking girls had this edge over non English speaking due to English being globally accepted and it became easy to convey their message to audience and judges. But, not to forget, language has never been an issue in pageants because they always provided them a translator to translate their final answer in English. However, a perfect case would be of 2 Miss Venezuelas, Claudia Moreno and Irene Esser; representatives of Venezuela in Miss Universe 2000 and 2012 respectively when they tried answering in English in spite of translator services and ended up answering like child.

Irene’s win would have been very easy only if she had answered in Spanish because even after such a weird answer which made no sense at all, she became 2nd runners up. Hence, always be comfortable in your language and break the illusions of English being the most supreme language to impress people.

  1. Don’t portray same look everytime:

Yes, we believe it costs a lot to channelize a chameleon every day where you look different in all the events. But we are not talking about just clothes, it about your styling. You can keep experimenting with your hairs, make up tricks and accessories. This will stop you from looking monotonous and boring. Try to be little trendy in your own way.

Irina and Elizaveta at Miss Universe 2010 and 2012
Irina and Elizaveta at Miss Universe 2010 and 2012

In recent years, Miss Russia 2010 and 2012 who were facially beautiful were example of similar styling victims. Always open hair, always natural poses made them looks similar and very monotonous. In fact, in 2010 people almost kept Miss Russia as their new Miss Universe until and unless she started coming off as same every day but similar styling every day made these girls lose the game much before they actually deserved to. Hence, be very smart while deciding your wardrobe and styling.