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2013 was another year when, along with the winners of Miss Universe and Miss World, even the first runner-ups were stunningly gorgeous.

Marine Lorphelin of France was considered to be a big favorite for the Miss World title.  Many say that had Megan Young not been from the Philippines, Marine would have been an easy choice in the finale.  Miss World Organization, perhaps like any other pageant organization would have done if they were in their place, favored Megan Young, because, along with having everything that a Miss World should have, Megan belongs to a pageant-crazy nation which ensured that the following of the pageant doubled in the year of Megan’s reign.  The ‘likes’ of Miss World FB page shot up like anything – all credit goes to those who chose Megan Young as Miss World.  Of course, Marine was more deserving in eyes of many, for her amazingly beautiful face, fit body and smart personality.  Quoting a friend of ours who happens to be a big fan of Miss World, “If Marine was chosen as Miss World 2013, she would have been remembered as the most beautiful winner after Aishwarya Rai.”  No disagreement there!   

On the other hand, we have Patricia Rodriguez of Spain who emerged to be the big front-runner post prelims.  She looked like an angelic mermaid in her swimsuit and walked with amazing grace in her posh dress during evening-gown round of MU’13 prelims.  It was easy to predict her presence in Top 5 and she actually made it so far in the finale.  In the last round too, she gave a nice answer.  Unfortunately, the stars were in favor of Venezuela.  By the way, Patricia was a Miss World semi-finalist in the year in which Ksenia Sukhinova won.  TGPC immediately recognized the beauty of Patrica after Miss Universe 2013 and named her “Beauty of the Year” for the pageant.  We think she would have been a brilliant choice for Miss Universe title.  It would have been wonderful to see a bright European lady with the Miss Universe crown.

Our experts ponder today, who is better among the two – Marine Lorphelin or Patricia Rodriguez ?  Help us decide!



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  1. Wow, this blogs seems more like a demolition job against Megan Young instead of celebrating the beauty of Marine and Patricia. You’re right, Marine Lorphelin is gorgeous, she has a rare kind of beauty, and she would’ve made a lovely Ms. World. But, I think it’s unfair for you to highlight your unfounded assumptions that Megan won mainly because she’s from The Philippines. Anyone who hasn’t seen Megan’s pictures and read this blog would assume she’s an ugly dark horse, when it’s far from the truth. She’s as beautiful as Marine (in her own unique way), and she was a clear favorite right from the start as well. (Remember the Indonesian princess who requested the MWO to let Ms. Philippines be her model, because she ONLY wants to dress her, no on else!).

    If you want to tackle the issue of a dark horse winning a major pageant, why not make a lengthy discussion on how Gabriella Isler ended up winning–now, THAT surprised everyone. Ms. Isler is pretty though, and her height is to die for.

    Write a blog with fairness and impartiality, or don’t write anything at all. Calling your site “The Great Pageant Community” gives people the idea that you’re writing for an international audience, how disappointing to find an amateurish, borderline catty blog instead.

  2. How annoying this blog can be. Philippines is not a “Pageant Crazy country.” Megan Young won because she have what it takes to be the queen. Philippines send a woman who has these two things–the beauty and brains. Megan and other Filipina who won in the different pageant is not just a coincidence. They deserve what they have right now.

  3. hello!? correction!!! megan young won not because she is from philippines! she won because she has everything! the beautiful face,hot body,best catwalk and smart/intelligence. and megan outstands all the candidates in mw 2013 and that includes marine. and one judge of the pageant said that megan amazed them all since day one. if only miss brazil don’t messed up in the q &a,she should be in the place of marine!

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