EXCLUSIVE: TGPC’s Early Favorites for MISS USA 2014

We love the Miss USA pageant.  Not only does it boost of a fantastic set of contestants every year, it also has a really good format and is highly entertaining EVERY YEAR consistently.  In fact, we find it among the fairest and most transparent pageants on earth. Also, the production is really good for a national pageant.  Plus the Q/A round is challenging – the judges startle the girls with quite difficult questions.  The winner always commands a lot of respect, because she emerges out from a strong group and people actually see her strengths due to the crystal-clear format.

Like every year, this year too the batch of delegates (yeap, this is a MUO pageant, better call than delegates and not contestants!) is really competitive.  We can spot at least 10 girls already who can be really good contenders for the Miss Universe title.  For a national pageant, this is IMPRESSIVE.  Here we present the 5 girls who have impressed us the most.  At this point of time, we consider them the ULTIMATE favorites.

5. California – Cassandra K.


She shares her name with the gorgeous 2nd Runner-up at Miss World 2013 from Ghana.  Ballet, volley-ball, dancing interest her a lot and she has traveled to Israel, Costa Rica and Carribean as a student ambassador!  This girl, who happens to be named after a tractor, loves to laugh and considers herself to be a very optimistic person.  With her striking beauty, attractive body and interesting personality, the extra-ordinary lass can easily impress the judges in Miss USA finale.

4. Nevada – Nia S.


Here we have another extra-ordinary doll.  She has been a Nanny in Europe!  She is modelling from 7 years.  She has traveled to 13 countries already.  She was a face character for Disney in Hong Kong and USA!  Well, this girl is for sure an ACHIEVER!  Her close friend has been a Miss USA (we wonder who?) and hence she decided to give a shot to the crown.  With so much experience experience (particularly modelling) in her belt, this Tae Kwon Do expert can easily kick into the Top 5 and perhaps beyond.

3. North Dakota – Audra M.


Do you guys remember the Miss Teen USA finalist who almost cried on the stage as she talked about her bullying experiences in school?  Yes, she is the one.  She finished second in the pageant and went to speak a lot about her traumatic experiences in school after the pageant.  In a weight-loss crazy world, she is a fan of “carbs” and has a connection with the pageant-crazy Philippines – her grand-pa was raised there.  Since she did so well at Miss Teen USA, one can just not afford to take her “not seriously” for Miss USA.

 2. Florida – Brittany O.


This dancer and exercise-freak was a model in second season of “Project Runway”.  She may be one of the fittest girls in the batch.  With her gorgeous face and modelling experience, she can set the stage on fire in the prelims.  We see her as a wonderful contestant not only for Miss USA, but also for Miss Universe.

1. Alabama – Jesica A.


Her face is stunning.  This beauty is not new to American audiences.  She has been seen a lot in commercials and has also been part of feature films.  She LOVES acting.  The only challenge is that she is just 5’6.  Again, there have been winners at Miss USA of that height.  If her body is fit and attractive, it wont bother her chances.  As of now, she is clearly the most popular delegate among the pageant fans.  Her beautiful face is the main reason.

Let us see whom does Erin Brady crown as the new winner this June!

Please let us know your favorites too!


Pics Credits: http://www.missusa.com