Will Malaysia place at Miss Universe 2014?

Malaysia, a destination of tourism, has always been underrated when it has come to pageants. Be it Miss Universe, be it Miss World, be it Miss International, Earth or Supranational, they were hardly considered as a front-runners due to obvious lack of preparations of their delegate and improper support from their national organisation regarding wardrobe. However, Malaysia gained the momentum in wardrobe fronts in recent years, yet they are not able to achieve a remarkable placements in the pageant history.

Let’s have a brief look over Malaysia’s Performance in past 4 years at Miss Universe

#2011- Deborah Priya Henry

Deborah Priya Henry, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011
Deborah Priya Henry, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

Deborah Priya was a former contestant at Miss World 2007, where China’s Zhang Zi Lin won the contest. Deborah was so fresh and young back then and this helped her making her way past Top 16. However, she couldn’t make it to the final 5. Few years later, in 2011, she was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia and hence she got official right to represent Malaysia in Miss Universe to be held in Brazil.

Deborah Priya Henry's Prelim performance at Brazil
Deborah Priya Henry’s Prelim performance at Miss Universe 2011

Deborah was a front-runner, the moment she reached the Brazil. She was well received by fans across the globe and her web interview was voted as Best and the classiest out of the bunch in 2011. Her body was fit and evening gown performance was also confident. Most of the fans thought that she will probably end up winning the Miss Universe 2011 crown. However, the moment of shock came when Deborah Priya was kept out of the  race for the crown in the finale, where she failed to place in final 16. People could not digest as how was that possible. The one factor we may take as an excuse would be that she wasn’t as fresh as she was at Miss World 2007. Her matured look might have cost her a spot in the finals. It was pity to see her clapping in the background for other 16 girls who made it to the finals. We would tag her as Malaysia’s strongest bet ever at Miss Universe pageant.

#2012- Kimberley Leggett

Kimberley Leggett, Miss Universe Malaysia 2012
Kimberley Leggett, Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

Kimberley Legget was facially very pretty, if not a complete upgrade from Deborah. After winning Miss Universe Malaysia, she wasn’t considered as hot favourite as Deborah and was quite an underdog till the time she would reach USA for her Miss Universe Stint in December 2012.

Kimberley Leggett's preliminary performance at Miss Universe 2012
Kimberley Leggett’s prelim performance at Miss Universe 2012

Kimberley stunned everyone through her answers on web interview and many list who previously didn’t have her as a prediction were forced to include her into their list. Her preliminary performance was at par with Deborah, in fact we personally feel it was better. Her silver shinning  gown led to create an illusion of flowing water Her swimsuit performance was also quite good. It was expected to see Malaysia in top 16 on the final night of Miss Universe 2012. However, she too failed to place into the top 16 and again it was pity to see average girls placing over the girls who actually performed better. We doubt that she would not have performed well in indoor interview with preliminary judges. hence, her non placement is beyond our understanding.

#2013- Carrey Ng

Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013
Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013

Carey Ng was a girl next door, pretty yet nothing much to amaze you. She wasn’t touted as a hot favourite after she won Miss Universe Malaysia. Her reign was quite normal without much appearances and glamazons.Her stint at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow showed up-gradation from her appearances at National levels.

Carey Ng's performance at Miss Universe 2013 preliminary.
Carey Ng’s prelim performance at Miss Universe 2013.

She looked quite good in swimsuit and her evening gown was also good. However, her body wasn’t as polished as her predecessors and neither was her evening gown performance. it is interesting to note that we personally feel that Carey was competing in a more competitive group than Kimberley did. If Kimberley couldn’t place back then, non placement of Carey was no surprise for us. And, to be honest, except 1 or 2 girls, Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 were quite solid to move, hence Carey’s non placement was quite digestible.

#2014- Sabrina Bennett:

Sabrian Bennett, Miss Universe Malaysia 2014
Sabrina Bennett, Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

Sabrina had got quite Indian looking features. She was considered as one of the probable winners at Miss Universe Malaysia and her win was well received by fans. Ines Ligron, former Miss Universe Japan’s director, even made a comment that new Miss Universe Malaysia is very beautiful.

Sabrian Bennett
Sabrina Bennett

In our opinion, Sabrina yet has a long way to go. She is very raw compared to the previous representatives like Deborah and Kimberley. She is like a Hit or a Miss. She has got an engaging personality as seen from whatever videos we could go through, yet she has to upgrade herself. We would recommend her to consider a proper styling classes. As of now we don’t see it happening yet we would not write her off our list completely. She may rise up in our list or may completely be out of our visible zone in the list of predictions. It is all up to her appearances in Brazil this year where Miss Universe 2014 will take place.

What do you think about her? Will she place? or will she fail?