Few moments with TGPC People’s Choice Winner: Swati Nanda

Swati Nanda
Swati Nanda

Swati Nanda, a contestant of Indian Princess 2014 was decalared as winner of the People’s Choice winner conducted by The Great Pageant Community. She could receive 1 million votes in less than just 15 days from public across the globe. She also managed to reach the Top 5 beating 20 other semifinalists vying for the crown of Indian Princess. Swati Nanda is an engineer, a model and a social worker. Here, she shares her beautiful journey pre-during-post India Princess 2014 with us.

1)    Hello Swati, tell us something about yourself.

Swati Nanda at Signature Premier Fashion show
Swati Nanda at Signature Premier Fashion show

Swati: Hello everyone, I am a software engineer by profession but my heart always belonged to modelling and be a part of the glamour industry. After many challenges, I finally decided to go with my heart. I quit my job at Infosys as a software developer and took up fulltime Modelling. I have walked Ramp for brands like Signature premier, Gitanjali etc and designers like Sumit Das Gupta, Mumtaz khan. I am a very hardworking and passionate woman with a dream of becoming a supermodel and I believe that “Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”!

2)    How you participated in IP and how did it change your life?

Swati: I got a message from one of the team members of IP and I just tried my luck. Forwarded my profile and got a call that I got shortlisted. At that time, I was still working with Infy but took this as my turning point and decided to quit my job. That call was a destiny changer call for me I believe 🙂

3)    How was the experience in Thailand?

Swati Nanda is a student of Ritika Ramtri, The Tiara's Head
Swati Nanda is a student of Ritika Ramtri, The Tiara’s Head

Swati: Thailand is so rich in hospitality and culture. Everyone single person was so loving and they really made us feel like Princesses. This was my first International trip and nothing could have been better than Thailand!

4)     Who was your best mate in IP and IPI batch?

Swati: It would be really unfair to take just one name as we all shared a special bond. More than competitors we considered each other as great friends and sisters. That was the best part of the whole journey but there were few who were closer to me. They were Juhi khan who was my roomie and Reena Barot who had many things in common with me. From IPI all were great souls and I had great bond with all of them 🙂

5)    Do you think you deserved better placement?

Swati during traditional round in India Princess 2014
Swati during traditional round in India Princess 2014

Swati: I feel after coming till top 5 and winning the prestigious TGPC people’s choice award I already feel like a winner. Although I couldn’t get the crown but I feel it may be not my day and this was best written for me. The decision was fair enough and I am happy and satisfied as I feel People’s choice is as good as winning the crown because either of them gives you a long lasting fame.

6)    Your views on winners,  Chandni Sharma & Nadine Makhanlal?

Nadine Makhanlal and Chandni Sharma
Nadine Makhanlal and Chandni Sharma

Swati: Chandni and Nadin eboth are beautiful souls. They have been cheerful throughout and have proved their mettle. Both have the winning qualities of hard work and modesty which got them the crown. They truely are the well-deserved winners.

7)     Your views on Mr. and Mrs. Varsha as mentor?

Sunil Rane and Varsha Rane in extreme corners.
Sunil Rane and Varsha Rane in extreme corners.

Swati: They have been so inspiring and great mentors. They have been loving at the same time rough when it was required. Varsha mam gave us many grooming tips and the most important one was to Love ourselves and the power of Meditation. Those lessons were really helpful, as sometimes we feel low and dejected, in such competitions. Her every session was enlightening and we were looked forward for more of her throughout our training.

8)    How did it feel when you were declared the winner of TGPC People’s Choice winner?

Swati Nanda with TGPC People's Choice Award
Swati Nanda with TGPC People’s Choice Award

Swati: I feel this was the highest award anyone could get, if not the main crown. I was overwhelmed by the love and support people from not only India but from worldwide as confirmed by TGPC team. It feels great when people appreciate you and it was a big confidence booster for me.

9) You have been associated with few NGO’s, tell us something about it.

Swati Nand during the inaugration of SNEH foundation in Mumbai
Swati Nand during the inaugration of SNEH foundation in Mumbai

Swati: I am associated with an NGO called SNEH Foundation which is headed by Dr. Pankaj Bohra. I became a part of it in Pune with a few like-minded infusions who wanted to bring about a change in the society. It mainly looks after education and health of the underprivileged kids and also Women empowerment. It brings me great pleasure to be with the kids and it feels pride to be associated with SNEH Foundation and be their Brand Ambassador.

10) How would you use your title of TGPC People’s Choice winner to promote the social cause you are supporting?

Swati: Peoples support is all SNEH Foundation is looking for. There has to be an awareness created between the masses about what is the condition in the slums and how education of the kids is ignored. If I can reach out more people, they would come forward as volunteers and help in their own small ways to bring that change they wanted to see in the society.

11) Would you like to represent India at international pageant if given a chance by Atharva Management?

Swati: I would definitely love to represent my country internationally. I feel Atharva group has been very supportive to me and all their contestants throughout and they would take the right decision and would send the most deserving and hardworking contestant out of us. The entire team has worked day and night and it is a big decision for them to select someone to represent India. I have complete faith in the institution and the brand.

12)  If you could change one historic moment in past, what would that be? And why?

Swati: It is very sad that technology is used destructively. I really wish that the atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would had been avoided. It has its after effects on the people and would affect many more generations. This would be one event which I wish to change in the history.

13) Seeing the increasing cases of women harassment every day, do you think state government should impose the rules on what women should wear and what not in public places?

Swati: I think more than changing the way girls should wear clothes, it’s the peoples’ outlook which needs a change. If men can roam around in the clothes which make them comfortable then why can’t women. If people are afraid of the consequences of eve teasing or raping then they wouldn’t dare to harass any girl. There is a need of strong punishment policy which would stop all the problems against women.

14) Any messages to you fans on TGPC?

Swati: I am grateful and thankful to each of you who voted for me. It really means a lot for me and I want to thank TGPC for this initiative. It has given support to many other girls like me to be a role model for others. I would want to take this as a milestone in my success, prove myself to the world. This title will surely go down as one of the best chapters in the book of my life. Thanks once again.

We wish her all the best in her future career..!!!