“When I lost Miss World, I have taken chocolates for three months to recover” – Sayali Bhagat


Sayali Bhagat, actress and former Miss India World is enjoying the life to core after marriage. She tied the knot with Delhi based businessman Navneet Pratap Singh on December 2013, which was purely an arrange marriage for actress, something she didn’t ever thought of. 

“I am still not getting the hang of balancing my personal and professional life. I am still learning… When I am away from my husband I miss him and when I am with him I feel it’s been long together why I am not working!” she shares smiling. 

Sayali never wanted to have an arrange marriage and so was Navneet, then what had the two come together? “We have a common family friend, the families didn’t know each other then and at that time we both were not ready for an arrange marriage. Once I was in Delhi for an event and my mother said you should meet this guy. I was like what I don’t even know him ! We were both pushed to meet each other and when we met we realized we have many things in common. We started chatting on phone for hours and within fifteen days of our first meeting Navneet came to meet me in Mumbai and in next four months I was engaged” she says elaborating on her decision, “What I like about Navneet was he is very straightforward. I don’t have to guess whether he likes me or not. He is very open, you know if a man is not too much of a mystery, I think it becomes very easy for a girl to make a decision on marriage.” 

And now Sayali is very eager to experience the motherhood, when it’s been just two months of her marriage, “Of course I want to have babies, you know our usual debate is on what are the qualities we would want in our baby. Like I want my baby to have a eyes like Navneet and he says he wants our baby to have nose like me, the mix of all this.” So when do they plan to have their first child, “Actually we have said, we will not plan our baby, we will just let it happen. But there is nothing for sure right now” she says laughing. 

The actress is currently shooting for a Kannada film and says she has kept all other film projects on hold for this year. “I have been working endlessly for ten years. I never had a long vacation, we had short honeymoons a little Fiji and Srilanka. I want to go on a big holiday now, we are thinking on destination” she says. 

Sayali also says she is open to TV but reality show isn’t her cup of tea, “I really get affected by criticism, I mean i don’t want somebody to judge my dancing skills. And I am a director’s baby. I don’t mind doing TV serial or hosting a show but reality show is a big no for me. Also I am scared of loosing, being very honest. When I lost Miss World, I have taken chocolates for three months to recover”


Picture credit: IndiaForums.com