Sonal Chauhan – The “Could-Have-Been-So-Much-More” Beauty

Sonal Chauhan was a big favorite at Miss India 2005 pageant.  In terms of physical beauty, no one was even close to her among the remaining girls.  But in those days, Femina team was giving very high importance to interview skills.  Sonal managed a spot in the Top 10 finalists, but the road ahead was difficult.  She chose Shobha De as the judge.  Shobha asked her, “If there were just two girls left and you were among them, what question would you ask the other girl to kick her out of the contest?” (paraphrased)  Sonal answered, in a bubbly manner, “What warning message would you put on yourself?”  (kind of, sort of).  She was a bit nervous.  The answer could have been more confident.  And then and there, her journey at Miss India ended.  Femina team remembered her beauty and sent her to Miss Tourism World, which she effortlessly won.  She later joined Bollywood with the “Imraan Hashmi” film, Jannat.  Her career is yet to take off in a notable manner.

Sonal flaunted her svelte figure in a cut out detailed Shivan and Narresh gown at Zee Cine Awards 2014 show.