Chit Chat with Mrinalni Singh, People’s Choice winner of Indian Princess 2013.

Since we are on to a phase where this year we are conducting an Official Voting for People’s Choice Award for Indian Princess 2014, We thought of taking an opportunity of peeking into the life of beautiful Mrinalni Singh who was the winner of People’s Choice Award Iof Indian Princess 2013 with almost more than 50% votes into her account and help in boosting the confidence of Indian Princess 2014 girls through sharing her experience. Mrinalni is a pageant veteran and has represented India at Miss Tourism International Queen where she placed amongst the Top 7. We had a brief chit chat with her and the convo was just awesome..!!!


1) So Mrinalni, you have participated in many pageants. What would be that one moment that you would like everyone to know as your best moment ever?

Mrinalni: Well to be honest when you enter a pageant, be it a small or a big one, the entire journey is so fruitful and you have such special moments which actually makes you believe in yourself. Starting from making new friends till grooming yourself in to a perfect lady. But for me, my winning my 1st pageant navy Queen 2011 is a very special memory and when I represented my country in Miss Tourism International 2012 and was placed in top7 out of 56 countries, the feeling of being called INDIA, instead of Mrinalni, is just beyond the expression…nothing can beat that feeling.


2) You won people’s Choice Award last year with more than 50% votes, how did you feel when you were declared as a winner?

Mrinalni: When I got to know that this kind of prestigious award would be given, I had no clue of how to go about it. Because we were being trained under a team of experts in Ratnagiri and was completely out of  touch with the outside world. But when I was declared as the winner I was on cloud 9 because for me winning that award was world to me. I was so happy that people saw me as a winner and voted for me. when my mother told me that my friends were constantly voting plus I was getting votes from all over the country with such encouraging comments, I couldn’t have asked for more. I thanked everyone then and I would also like to thank each one of them now for believing in me. For me that was like winning the contest. I still have that trophy in a showcase just in front of my bed. Every morning I wake up I see that trophy and this also help me to get motivated by thinking that there are many hopes associated with you, you have to something in life. Go, Get up and Get into actions now…!!!


3) How should contestant behave or feel while being in a contest?

Mrinalni: In a pageant, more than being the most beautiful one, it is very important for a girl to tell herself that she is beautiful in her own way and it is that self confidence and the zest to win which reflects in her pictures, personality, interviews etc. With so many beautiful young women around you, one tends 2 loose herself n her confidence somewhere. I feel just believe in yourself, put that best best foot forward with that fabulous smile and yes if you think positive you’ll attract positive…and yes it’ll definitely come to u..


4) Since you won people’s choice award, you must be knowing the importance of public support. How much do you think public support helps a girl to boost her confidence?

Mrinalni: I think its the people’s love which can make or break. when u get up on the stage and people are loving your presence, how u walk, talk, look, your aura overall, the amount of encouragement and the positivity you get is unforgettable. Because the mass have already accepted you as their winner. They are calling your name, cheering for u, praying that you win. I think no person can ask for more and still even if you lose a small battle you have won the war because it’s just the crown that is on some ones head but for the people you are the QUEEN.

5) Would you still like to consider going into the pageants?

Mrinalni: Well, to be really honest I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to represent my country internationally and believe me it’s d best feeling, actually addictive..hehehe. But right now I feel contented. And I take life as it comes., you nevar know. May b or may not, if luck favours and I get super lucky again this time, I’ll love 2 go for it and may be bring back home an international crown.

6) Any advice to the girls competing for Indian Princess 2014?

Mrinalni: I am sure that these girls are smart enough to have their vision clear. But if I had to be their mentor for a day, I would say, make your own success path, don’t be like cattle and follow what and where the person is doing or going blindly. Know your weakness and Strengthen your strengths. And just put your best foot and that beautiful smile forward everyday because you are already the Princess for so many of your loved ones. Give up the fear of loosing or winning and enjoy each moment. Remember, You are special…!!!
We thank Mrinlani Singh for taking out the time and give an interview for these aspiring girls…!!!