Miss Universe 2014 Contestants

Miss Universe 2013~Maria Gabriela Isler

Miss Universe 2013~Maria Gabriela Isler

Miss Universe 2014 will be the 63rd Miss Universe pageant.  held on January 25, 2015 at the U.S. Century Bank Arena at Florida International University in Doral, Florida, USA.

María Gabriela Isler from Venezuela will crown her successor at the end of this event.

80+ countries are expected to join the pageant this year,   Kyrgyzstan will debut this year where as Cyprus, Uruguay, U.S. Virgin Islands will return to the pageant. So far 82 delegates have been selected so far.


 Here’s a look at  the delegates for the Miss Universe Pageant.

In alphabetical order :

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  1. super.roro.king 0031
    is a top 16 for mi is : Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Azerbaidjan, India, Croatia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Russia, Vénézuela, Usa, Philippines, Paraguay, Netherlands and Lebanon .

  2. My favorites… Australia, Canada, Curacao, Mexico, South Africa, Coatia, Kosovo and Puerto Rico. TOP THREE Canada, Kosovo and Puerto Rico.

  3. i think, this is not the only contestants, here’s my favorites ; Philippines, Sweden, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ukraine, Serbia, Nicaragua, Kosovo, Curacao, and Australia …Korea,Ecuador ..

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