A fun moment of Miss Universe 2013…

Gabriela Isler of Venezuela and Patricia Rodriguez of Spain were the final two standing. Both of them had given equally nice answers in the final round and did very well in prior two rounds of the final show. It was really anybody’s game. None of the two was fluent in English language. Also, in Miss Universe final show, at times the first runner-up is announced at this point and at times the winner is announced. I guess this must have been clarified to the delegates during the rehearsals but perhaps Gabriela and Patricia were too nervous because one of the two would become an international star within seconds.

Hence, when it announced that the new Miss Universe is Gabriela Isler of Venezuela, none of the two were sure of what happened. They just looked at each other in confusion. In fact it looked as if Gabriela congratulated Patricia for winning. It was hilarious and fun to watch! Finally when Patricia was approached with a bouquet of flowers like other runner-ups were, Gabriela realised that she won the pageant. The expressions on her face at that moment were priceless! Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, came to her and crowned her; Gabriela was full of joy! Like it happened with Stefania Fernandez – Miss Universe 2009, the crown fell from Gabriela’s head once before it settled.

It is such moments which make pageant final-shows fun to watch!

Video courtesy: Carguat on Youtube.com