Indian pageantry to go deep down in mist…???

Marc Robinson
Marc Robinson

Marc Robinson, who has served as national Director in Femina Miss India and Miss Indian Diva since 2009, has been removed from the official website of Femina Miss India and is reported to have resigned/been fired from the said post. Lots of speculations going regarding why is he no more a National director of Miss India. Many forums and pageant community has been showing joyous mood for this as they had been complaining since past against Marc Robinson for following reasons:

1) Fans accused him of not being from pageant industries like past director Hemant Trivedi, hence he didn’t have exact idea of what are the real requirements of pageants at international standards.

2) He didn’t train girls properly after the Femina final got over and the girls used to go unprepared. Hence coming back with low placement.

3) He was sometimes rude with contestants while training, obviously as a coach one has to be anyway.
and many other minor issues.

However, we slightly differ from the views of general fans…!!!

Marc took over the charge in 2009, which was one of the weakest batch of Femina in years. The winners chosen out of that lot was the best he could give, however if Harshita Saxena was there instead of Shriya Kishore she could have done better as per our belief.

In 2010, when finale ended, all were shouting with joy that Femina got it 100% right in terms of winners, the same fans started crying foul when Manasvi Mamgai didn’t live upto their expectation at Miss World 2010 and failed to place in finale. However, Nicole Faria got India’s first Miss Earth Crown and Neha Hinge Placed in top 15 at Miss International.

2011 was altogether a nightmare for all the fans, the winners chosen in Finale were best in years. Kanishtha Dhankar was just uncomparable in Miss India finale and Hasleen’s angelic beauty added a charm to top 3. Ankita shorey was a dark horse. However, all 3 of them failed to place at their international stints.

2012 was contradictory in terms of winners. The winners were highly unpredictable according to the fans, however they happened to surpass the performances of their previous title holders who were hot favourite in their season for the Miss India Crown.
Vanya Mishra finished in Top 7 of Miss World, Prachi Mishra won Miss Friendship at Miss Earth and Rochelle Rao made it to Top 15 at Miss International.
2013, It was just another year of favourite’s win. Navneet who was a heavy favourite at Miss India won Miss India world and finished 11th at Miss World, Sobhita another heavy favourite came 1st runners up, who later represented India at Miss Earth and failed to place. Zoya came 3rd but didn’t go to any pageant for undisclosed reasons.

Our conclusion is that Femina has always been correct in selecting Top slot winners at Miss India but however, the girls could not live up to the expectations of fans.

Although fans are cheering with joy right now, in case if the next director could not fulfil their expectations, we are sure, they will again come back with a subject quoting Marc as a better director and it was a mistake to remove him from that post. We shall wait for what is their in store to surprise us..!!!!

Let’s hope for the best… 🙂


Author: D-Dude..!!!

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