Sushmita Sen, in Top 6 of Miss Universe 1994, answered….


Sushmita Sen waiting for ‘Top 3 Finalist’ announcement in Miss Universe 1994. Florence Larue, Grammy winner, asked Sushmita Sen, during top 6 personal interview round:

LaRue: If you had time and money to spent on some great adventure, what would that be?

Sushmita: Adventure for me, is something that I enjoy within me. And I think, Children, those little things, can bring a lot of adventure in your life. So if I had time and money I would go and spend it with little children, I don’t say I would spend it with a child who is downtrodden but any child. I would go and have a great time with them.

She was very genuine with her answer and it was quite visible in her eyes, which got her into Top 3 and later on won due to another awesome answer. Later on, she adopted two girl child namely Rene & Alisha….. 🙂