Most beautifuls failing Big Time…!!!


Pick your favourite Beauty out of the 3 proclaimed GODDESSES by fans across the world.

1) Rozana Purcel: She represented Ireland in Miss Universe and was hot favourite to win Miss Universe 2010. However, bad styling in Top 10 evening gown round cost her the crown.

2) Alyssa Campanela: She represented USA in Miss Universe 2011. She was by default predicted as winner of Miss Universe when she won Miss USA. But by the time Miss universe 2011 arrived, she developed into a skinny girl that she almost lost all the charm. She could just manage to finish Top 16.

3) Elizabeta Burg: She represented Crotia in Miss Universe 2012. Although, not a winner by everyone, her beauty was just undeniable. Her bad styling on final night and lack of presence cost her a spot in Top 10 and her dream for winning Miss Universe crown ended up after Top 10 were declared.


Author: D-Dude

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