Megan Young better, a Miss World than Aishwariya Rai???


Well , our answer would be no…!!!!

If we look it objectively, there is no comparison in fact, as both are in their own league at parallel Universe.

The generalised comparison can be stated as follows:

1) Aishwariya both were already well know faces in their country as a model/actress. However, although both were touted as probable winners, Megan  young won Miss Philippines World whereas Aishwariya just managed to finish second to Sushmita Sen at Miss India. Both represented at Miss World and both were hyped as next Miss World. How Aishwariya was different is that Megan was not the only girl who had heavy support, but misses like Brazil, Spain, Ukraine, Indonesia, Ghana, France etc were also speculated to be strongest competitors. Aishwariya had it quite easy to outshine other girls in those days and on final night it was just a formality that Aishwariya was to be crowned as no other girl, including Miss Venezuela, stood out in front of Aihwariya.

2) Aishwariya competed in a year when fan support wasn’t that crucial as in case of today’s pageant. Philippines has got craziest fans when it comes to pageant and they worship it like Olympics in American and European countries. On finale, it was easy to make out that Megan had lots of fan support from her own country. However, both won completely on their own merit and no one can deny that they deserved every bit of that crown.

3) Aishwariya won when the competition majorly used to happen between girls rather than today when it’s not just girls; but their sashes, National directors, future host country, their fashion team and their TRPs. It is also to be noted that Miss Philippines just started performing outstandingly since new director took it over in 2011.

4) To rate someone better than the existing one is too difficult if there is a huge gap of time between the two. Aishwariya is a known name in the whole world due to her Miss World win, her universal beauty and her successful career as a bollywood actress. Megan is yet to cover those 17 years of journey in order to make a comparison fair. As they say, “Always compare an apple with an apple and an orange with an orange”, it goes the same way. Megan is a successful name, but to compare it with Aishwariya’s present success and career, it would be too early.

5) Both have got Universal appeal in terms of beauty and charm. Megan is a modern chick with awesome modelling skills where as Aishwariya was a charming beauty with more of a woman of a substances thing about her. No way we are saying that either of them lack any qualities, but yes they do have their own strengths.

6) When Aishwariya won Miss World, she was speculated as a fake beauty who has got no genuineness, however she later on proved all her naysayers wrong. We are yet to hear those kind rumors for Megan and  anyway she looks very down to earth girl who has got genuine heart.

These were all our findings, what do you think???

Share your opinion with us…!!!