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All the excited soul who has constantly been following up Miss Universe and their relevant national franchise holder from India, here we have fresh insights from what exactly happened in I AM SHE 2012.

Our own correspondent was one of the official coverage partners with I AM SHE and here are his deep insights.

We had two of our admins present on the venue for I AM SHE 2012 on 21st September.
The show started off at 10:30 pm against the scheduled time of 8:00 pm. Show had elements of entertainment consisting of classical Indian dance by two young teenagers, aerobics dance, shadow dance and some performance by NRI on Ganpati Bappa’s song composed by them. You can say the show was not much good in terms of entertainment which you usually see in regular award show. However, the pageant aspect was covered in a classy manner.

The top 10 were declared with lots of unexpected placements. They were,

1) Neha Murali( I AM VOICE)

2) Gurbani Chopra( I AM CONGENIAL)

3) Dipna Patel (I AM FIT)

4) Urvashi Rautela (I AM PHOTOGENIC)

5) Arlette Grao (I AM SPIRIT)

6) Shilpa Singh,

7) Aneesha Chodhury

8) Kirti Gupta

9) Preeti Chauhan

10) Kirandeep Maan.

The biggest shocks of the evening were Navneet Dhillon, in spite of innocent and angelic beauty, and Mrinalni Singh, in spite of very strong and outstanding personality, not even placing in Top 10. However, Navneet’s destiny was bigger and better as later on she went on to win Miss India World past March. There were at least 3 girls whom Mrinalni and Navneet could have very well replaced and could have moved on to as high as Top 3.
The show moved on with Swimsuit being the first.

One could easily make out that the girls were not so trained or groomed to handle the ramp.The brief description is as follows:-


1) Neha had good energy yet looked little pale while taking the ramp walk in swimsuit.

2) Gurbani seemed to be very excited as if she was enjoying the moment very much but her walk was very weak. May be it was the first time she was walking down the ramp.

3) Dipna had lots of energy and very good body as well. But her height could have been a drawback at Miss Universe. However, her beauty was captivating yet she was more on serious side.

4) Urvashi burnt the stage with her fierce opening. She covered her body fully with sarong and opened one side and after walking down the ramp she opened up another side revealing her glowing body. She was just too awesome to ignore on that night. No need ot mention her angelic beauty. She was one of the best in that round.

5) Arlette had one of the best catwalk on the ramp. Although some may find her unconventionally beautiful, but only if she had the height of 6”, she would have eaten all the latinas alive in Miss Universe. Very good energy and catwalk.

6) Shilpa Singh was one of the silent killers on that night. The saying, “I came, I saw and I conquer” suits her perfectly. She was a dancer and it was very obvious on her ramp walk. At this point, our reporter thought that the only two girls that can come closer to beat Urvashi, in terms of Swimsuit performance, were Shilpa and Arlette. The way Shilpa strutted with sarong was just awesome. We give 1 extra point for that.

7) Aneesha was too nervous on the stage. We felt she was lost in some thoughts that stopped her from even giving a smile. Later on we read in the newspaper that she was nervous because her dad was there in audience which made her uncomfortable.

8) Kirti gupta looked too pale on finale. We felt very bad because this girl was one of the most impressive girls pre-finale and somehow her performance didn’t impress in the moment it was required the most. Her make-up was also done badly making her look completely a different person. This girl’s potential got wasted.

9) Preeti Chauhan had one of the best faces and charming personality. The same should have been conveyed in her swimsuit performance. She had the body and face. However, her performance could have been slight better in swimsuit. But yes, we would have loved her to represent India at Miss Universe.

10) Kirnadeep Maan was also a very newbie girl to this pageant world and it was quite visible in her swimsuit performance. However, her positive and bubbly personality was very much visible on the stage. She was enjoying this moment a lot and kept smiling throughout the ramp.

We believe, if Top 5 were only to be selected on the basis of this swimsuit presentation it should have been as following in mentioned order.
1) Urvashi Rautela
2) Shilpa Singh
3) Arlette Grao
4) Preeti Chauhan
5) Dipna Patel

But the twist came when there was a question answer round after the swimsuit. Keep watching the space…We shall be back soon…!!!

Author: D-Dude

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