Is this why Sobhita Duhipala failed to place at Miss Earth???

Sobhita 2Miss Earth 2013 took place last night in Philippines. The shock came when Miss India Earth 2013, Sobhita Duhipala, failed to make it to even Top 16 of Miss Earth. Fans across India were shocked seeing this stunner not even placing as a semi finalists and going down as the only Miss India this year, till now, who didn’t place in her international pageant (minor pageants excluded). Lots of theories and conspiracy surfaced up as to why Sobhita failed to place, general conclusions were made as follows on the basis of different discussion on different pageant boards,

1) Sobhita wore too revealing wardrobes, especially evening gown, which didn’t go well with the value of Miss Earth organisation.

2) Sobhita has been considered commanding and dominating since Miss India days. These qualities help you to standout in a crowd, like Parvathy Omnakuttan at Miss world 2008, but sometimes it can completely go wrong and comes off as being rude and arrogant (even if you are not, Sometimes.). Her FB status, when Navneet Kaur didn’t win Miss World, quoted that She was happy that Top 3 deserving girls won Top 3 titles and claimed that Justice Prevailed. This status made Navneet’s fan angry and gave a wrong image of Sobhita. However, Sobhita later on clarified that her intention was just to wish Philippines winner.

3) Fans across the world have been crying foul every year that Miss Earth had been playing politics and just placing Miss Philippines as a semifinalists even if she is not deserving. However, if we see the final line up in Top 16; it seemed quite fair except 2-3 surprises which happens in every pageant.

sobhita-dhulipala-image4) If we closely observe the Top 16, it seemed that the finalists were divided equally amongst the regions/continents so as to balance whole finale and make everything look fair.

5) There were already 4 Asians in finale, may be they didn’t place India just to keep Asians balanced and to not allow people claiming that Miss Earth is an Asian pageant, hence places more number of Asians.

6) Many people had Sobhita as their winner on their prediction lists. If Sobhita was allowed to enter the top 16 and assuming that she would have crossed the first level, she would have been a force to reckon with. Her communications skills are super polished. So may be Miss Earth org. would not have kept her in Top 16 just to stop her from winning?? Again, this is just an assumption because if Miss Philippines, who was even a better speaker, failed to win one of the Top 4 crowns then may be even Sobhita would have failed even after giving the best answers. Anyway, pageants now a day are less of brain and more of beauty and politics.

All these speculations can’t be validated until we hear the actual reasons from Sobhita herself or Miss Earth Org. But, it can’t even be denied that One of the reasons could be 100% true and that led to the downfall of India at Miss Earth this year.



Author: D-Dude

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